Help needed in finding a 'Lookalike' bag..

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  1. Ok..........

    I bought this cheap bag a few weeks ago for £15 ($30) just to carry the kids bits around when we go to the park etc. as I didnt want my designer ones ruined by juice and baby wipes!
    Anyway I have begun to really like the style and Im now looking for a designer leather bag, in a similar style to this one, ideally in a sand/camel/tan colour.

    Im not fussy about which designer, I just want as similar design as possible.

    Does anyone have any ideas??



  2. That is similar to a mulberry phoebe

    Give me a min and I will try and find a picture - retails for £595.00 and comes in a gorgeous oak colour! Its lush!:heart:
  3. [​IMG]

    There you go but imagine it in oak!
  4. Yup, I'd say they actually designed the canvas bag to LOOK like the Phoebe.

    However, the Phoebe doesn't hold as much as the other one appears's not really a "mom" bag. You might fit a small packet of wipes and one box of juice in there along with your wallet and keys...but it's really not large enough for much else.
  5. Thanks Rachel. Im off on a Phoebe hunt! :graucho:

    Handbagsrock... LOL! Im glad the Phoebe doesnt look mumsy. No way Im carrying juice in that. The cheap bag is still the kids one. :lol:
  6. I have this one and it is very comfortable and the color is great. IT IS BOTTOMLESS!

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  7. Go take a look at today's Purseblog - there is a Chloe pictured that is so much like this one!
  8. If you feel like going to Bicester Village to hunt for one at a discount, I'm still looking for a ride from Radlett!!

    I'm Dying Here!!

  9. That Faridah Bag is really nice. I considered buying one for awhile until I realized the height of the bag was so high.

    For a less expensive alternative, SalesRep has a Tano bag in wheat color that is called the Scoop. Looks alot like the bag you mentioned.
  10. Lexie..

    Yep, Ladysalesrep posted a pic of her scoop a while back. I loved it so much that I saved the pic onto my PC :shame:
    The question she selling it? :graucho:
  11. There was this exact bag on ebay awhile back and I passed it up. It is a lovely design.
    Since the bag is discontinued, me and you will be in a bidding war if one shows up on ebay...LOL
  12. :boxing:.....bring it on. LOL!
  13. You two are so funny.

    This Tano Scoop does appear on Ebay on occasion, twice in the last 2 months, so you could get lucky.

    The leather on this baby is different, a softer crunch leather, almost like it is worn in more, although mine was bought new.

    Of all the bags I own, this one gets more comments in public. I had a lady offer to buy it right on the spot.

    Good luck with your search!

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  14. You ladies are GOOD! The way you come up with the answer right away! I'm impressed!