Help Needed... In Deep Dilemma!


What Should I DO???

  1. Get the 28 black kelly

  2. Wait for another kelly before JULY

  3. Take the 32 portiron kelly

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  1. Ok.. here's the deal... The manager of the guy that I talked to yesterday called me this morning. She said the special order for the next trip JULY is full but she might take another slot or two. The thing is she's pushing me to get a 28 kelly in black togo with palladium hardware. So if I buy the kelly, I'll definitely get a slot for the special order in July...

    If it is a 32 kelly, I'll snatched it immediately. But it's 28.. and I also have a 32 kelly in portiron that I really want in Atlanta.

    The thing is I don't think I would be able to get into the waitlist in Atlanta even after buying the kelly. And the manager told me she can definitely put me for a special order for the next trip after july in JANUARY..

    I'll graduate in March next year so there's a high chance that I'll not be getting any birkin.. Since I'm going back to my home country for 6 months before I start my MBA program in the fall.

    I'm just afraid if I passed the black kelly, or take the portiron kelly, I will not able to get a birkin.. HOW SAD... Should I wait for this two months if there is a kelly coming along in Cleveland.. I want my birkin before I leave US for 6 months.

    Ladies... I really need your opinion.. I know black 28 kelly is beautiful, but I think it's more suitable for evening...Since I can afford only 1 kelly..!! I have three options:

    1) I take the 28 black kelly, get a special order in birkin, and pass the 32 portiron kelly

    2) Wait for another kelly before July, pass the 32 portiron kelly, and I MIGHT get a slot for the special order

    3) I take the 32 portiron kelly and would have a LITTLE chance of getting any birkin at all

    OH.. How sad is today!
  2. Okay, if you take option 1, which is:

    Would there be a guarantee when you can receive the special order birkin? What if it's time to go home and it hasnt arrived?

    IMO, when buying these expensive bags, dont settle for less. If your heart is set on a 32 kelly, dont buy the 28 that deep in your heart you dont want it.

    You seem to like the 32 potiron kelly so much, if I were you, I would buy that one and keep looking for a birkin thru other stores. I know you want to have your new birkin to take home with you for the holidays, and trust me, if it meant to happen it will happen :idea:

    Perhaps explain to the manager that a 28 black kelly is not the one you really want, but that you'll appreciate it if she can help you get your dream birkin by placing the special order for you. Ya know, just take a deep breath and be sweet to her and all that.. ;)
  3. Definitely wait for your dream bag! There is no reason to settle. You'll be so much happier when you get it. Maybe until then you can buy yourself something else which is nice, either from Hermes, like a braclet or scarf (to go with your Birkin when you get it) or from somewhere else.
  4. Buy something now, especially if you like it. I'd def get the 32 potiron Kelly. The price is only going to go up.
  5. You need to get what exactly you want. Don't just buy it because it is there, especially you said that you could afford only one kelly...If you really love orange one or black one, and if you are sure that you will not regret it, you should go for it... (BOTH kellys sound good...^^). Good luck! I will finger cross for you.
  6. I agree, don't buy something you really don't want. I vote for option number 2. If it's meant to be, it will happen!!
  7. In my humble opinion, go look at the bag first because you make a decision because you'll just never know. Sometimes, we have the dream colors in our heads but then another bag hits us in the heart.
  8. My opinion is you sound like you want the potiron 32 kelly - you will love this bag and you WILL find a birkin along the way!
  9. Call me crazy BUT...if she will guarantee a birkin for you on the special order list or guarantee any special order...I say buy the black one. Here is is timeless and you are can use it your entire life. I bought mine 12 years ago and I have no regrets. I owned it when I was single and also just after I received my masters degree. I used while dating, shopping,in travels, special events, and throughout my career etc. I USED IT and now still use it at night after being married and having three kids. I went with black because I knew I couldn't go wrong.

    As you mature your tastes will change. You may love the potiron now, but maybe in 5 or 10 years you don't know. Your likes/dislikes do change in time.

    NOw, if the SA can guarantee a special order then maybe 2 years from now or less you can have the exact bag that you want. Whatever it may be. Unlike me and so many others who can only hope that when their names are at the top of the waitlist a decent bag they like will be offered to them. Hey, it may not even be one we really love.

    This is your chance to get that one you love...I say really talk to the SA and if she will place you on special order because you buy the black 28 I say go that way for sure.

    I have waited ages for a birkin and it isn't a fun wait. There will always be more 32 Kellys...they come around much more often.

    OPTION #1....yes 1...go for the guarantee to be able to order the birkin!!! (you would then have 2 amazing bags...and the birkin the way you want it!)
  10. I agree with La Van. It ALWAYS happens to me!!!!
    Have you seen the Kelly in black?
    Did you have a look?

    If you know what it looks like, and how you feel about it and still prefer the potiron kelly, You should NEVER settle for ANYTHING less than your heart desires.

    Why don't you mention to the SA to find a Potiron Kelly for you as well as the Birkin? Tell her you want both bags and you'll buy both bags?

    Also it makes me sad that a SA would push a customer to make a huge purchase just to get another item of her wanting. I mean is she 100% guaranteeing to get you the Birkin of your desire if you buy the black Kelly?

    If it were me, I'd snatch the Black kelly in a heartbeat....
  11. I'd get the Potiron Kelly! The color is 2d4!
  12. Although I LOVE black, it is classic and timeless, it does not sound like that is what you really want! So I say wait, don't settle!
  13. Potiron is beautiful!
  14. Thanks guys.. I'll wait for the end of the week before I decide..

    I will not be able to see the black kelly as I have to drive 2.5 hrs away and I'm going to atlanta for the next two weekends.. If I want the black kelly, I need to have it shipped to me...

    Well I'll let you guys updated on my decision.. Thanks everyone..!! Y'all ha've been so helpful...
  15. Kellybag,

    Do you have a 28/32 black birkin? do you have a picture of yours?
    It'll help me decide.