Help needed: How much is this Chanel bag?

  1. I am thinking about getting a large (larger than classic flaps) Chanel bag. Any comments on this bag?

    Anyone knows how much it is in the US?

  2. This is the Pocket in the City. It comes in a smaller and larger size. Don't know retail price, but if you do a search you will probably find it.
  3. soem of these are on sale at NM right now.
  4. I have the bag on the left in exactly that colour and I love it to bits! :love:

    I think it was USD 2995 (I'm not from the States). Like Swanky said, check out the sales.

    If memory serves me right, the colour code describes the colour as dark grey although it’s actually a rich glazed dark chocolate (can’t find the details now, sorry). It also comes in black and brown.

    The leather’s incredibly durable. It's soft glazed caviar so it's not as pebbly as the caviar on the classic flaps. I’ve been using the bag almost every single day since I bought it (when it was launched) and it still looks brand new.

    There are 5 outer pockets and of course, the big middle one (which has a zipped pocket, a pocket for a mobile phone and another unzipped pocket). The interior is lined with grey satin.

    The bag holds a ton. With the many pockets, it’s easy to keep my stuff organized and my stuff don’t tumble about in the bag. I also love that the tops are secured so fear of pick pockets are banished. And the drop of the chain works very well for me too. Easy to get in and out of without having to put the bag down. Oh, another thing that I love is the shoulder pad – I generally carry a ton but with the shoulder pad, the chain doesn’t bite into my shoulder. Great bag, I highly recommend it! :tup:
  5. This bag is on sale right now.