Help needed - Hongkong price

  1. Hi guyz..

    I want to buy the Suhali Zippy Wallet.. I'm going to Hongkong next months, I think I want to buy it there, but my cousins is coming back from europe in end of december or may be early of january..

    im sure that the price will def cheaper in europe + de tax refund that i can get.. but i have to wait longer for that, since it's actually a bday present from my bf and my bday is already pass..

    anybody know the price for suhali zippy wallet in HK?? If there's a lot of price difference, i'll def wait till my cousin back from europe.. but if the diference is not that much, i think im gonna get it in HK..

    so, anyone can help me with this??

    and what do you think about the suhali zippy wallet??

    thank you guyz.. im so excitedd...

    Liana :love: