Help needed! Heart or scarf?

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  1. Hi all,

    I haven't posted a lot recently, been really busy with school and stuff, but still read almost every thread. Now I need your help....

    For Christmas, my sweet BF got me a Mono Speedy 35 and I love it :heart:. Now Valentine's is coming up and I'll probably get another something from LV. The problem is: I can't choose!
    Since they were first released I've been in love with the Vernis hearts, but I missed them the first year. Last year I had the opportunity to buy the Violette one, but ended up passing on it because I thought it was too expensive (I just bought a bag around that time). This year I really like the Rose Pop one, but I still have doubts. It's a lot of money for just an accessory... but it's soooo cute! And it would look great on my Speedy, but I already have a luggage tag with my initials in pink hanging on it at the moment...
    The other item I really really like is the Leopard Sprouse scarf in brown. I always liked it, but now that I've seen it on Miroslava Duma, I'm obsessed :P But the scarf is almost as expensive as a speedy... Is it worth it?

    Sorry for the rant! What would you guys choose? Or would you recommend something else?
  2. I honestly think the heart is tooooooooooooooo cute to pass up. :sad:

    I'm stuck just like you!

    I debated over the Rose Pop Heart for too long, and now they're sold out.
    I'm contemplating on being on the waitlist because I really want one.
    Really, it's not that functional (IMO)'s...TOO CUTE!! :love:
    They're coming out with the Pomme for Valentines Day and I think red is a bit more versatile if the colour is what's bothering you.

    And the scarf...Again, a beautiful piece but I heard it snags a lot and I've been hesistant since I've seen 2 of my friends scarves are already torn and have holes...

    So my verdict:

    The heart coin purse! :smile:
  3. That's quite a dilemma you have there. But, since the present is going to be a Valentine's present, the heart seems obvious to me :heart: What a memory to connect with it IMO. Very romantic :smile:
  4. I say go for the scarf. It's just too too too fabulous to pass up I think, and if I had the opportunity to get it I'd jump on it.
  5. The Heart. I personally would get more use out of it because I would use it as a bag charm................. Plus, it's just so cute.
  6. Def. scarf for me. I use mine all the time, it looks/feels great, warm in the winter and light enough for the spring. I had a few heart coin purse before, but I sold all of them. They are cute, but for me they only serve as a charm....nothing more.
  7. :heart:
  8. Scarf seems more functional. + you already have a charm.
  9. I would go for the Rose Pop Heart. Com' on! It's Valentines Day!
  10. The heart most definitely! I'm sure you would love it for years to come...
  11. If your BF is willing to pay for the scarf, gratefully accept his generous gift and enjoy it!
  12. I'd get the heart; you can use it as a bag charm and put little bills and a lipgloss in it!
  13. I say get the heart as once there gone there gone!
    The Brown leo scarf is permanent so my SA told me!
  14. I say go for the heart..they're toooooooooo cute to pass up!!!!!!!!
  15. I would get the scarf.