Help needed: Good travel bag (no Neverfull!)

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  1. Hello Purselovers,

    I am in need of your opinions and experience. I am looking for a LV travel bag.

    I have owned two GM Neverfulls, sold both- too big for me
    I just came back from a trip today and decided to sell my Neverfull MM.

    I dont know- I dont get along with this bag.... I always thought its the perfect travel bag but for me it sadly isnt. I struggle with it and cant even really tell you why. It just doesn't work for me.

    What I am looking for:

    1. When I travel I want my bag with me all the time->
    under seat in front of me.
    Both Neverfulls are too big for that- it bothers me and takes to much space. And I once scratched the leather badly of a DE GM
    2. I try to always travel light and dont mind sizing down and want a light bag to use at the destination- but with the Neverfull I always think I can throw more in there - it has space ! So it gets too full and heavy to carry around on large airports and at layovers etc And even the MM -its a little big for a day bag
    3. I need a bag I can set down- well that is totally possible with the Neverfull
    4.I need to get easily in and out of the bag- so open top is great- I always put a scarf on top in case I freeze on the plane
    5. lastly I just dont love the bag anymore ... cannot explain. I always thought I will get a mon mono at some point because its just so pretty but I doubt that now..

    Ladies- what do you use as a travel bag for Roadtrips/ Train/ Airplanes?

    My little Collection at the moment:
    Neverfull MM DE
    Speedy 30 B DE
    Speedy 30 DA
    Alma bb DE
    Noe Grande monogram

    I LOVE the grande Noe and would totally travel with it because its so comfortable- but the Vachetta bottom and the size stops me...

    All thoughts appreciated!!
    Thank you all! :heart:
  2. How about the Graceful? It comes in both PM and MM. :smile:
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  3. Thank you for you comment!
    The Graceful is a beautiful bag and meets a lot of the criteria but I have had bad luck with the folded corners in the past and try to stay away from them...
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  4. I use my Neverfull GM, but it doesn't bother me to squish it under my seat. I admit that the last few years I only fly first class so there is plenty of room. I pack whatever bag i plan to use upon arrival-meaning, don't use my NF as my bag while walking around my destination. I fill the other bag with socks, or some other item so it's not just taking up space, and I have it in my other carry-on or in the GM itself. The last time I traveled, summer, I packed the Pochette Metis. I have also packed an Alma BB for walking around, which you have in your collection.

    If I were you, I'd consider a Longchamp for travel on the plane, and pack your Alma BB for walking around.
  5. Thank you!
    Unfortunately I don't see myself traveling in first class anytime soon :angel:

    But I like the idea of taking another small bag with me. Although I would be nervous just leaving another Vuitton in a hotel room:hrmm:
    Longchamp... maybe I need to take another look at them... not sure if I like the style..
  6. I have been using my speedy 40 to travel with lately. You can fold it and place it in the room safe or lock it up in your luggage.
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  7. What about a neonoe with the treated leather? Open top, nice size, no vachetta.
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  8. I always travel using a different bag than the one I’m going to use at the destination. I usually use a backpack or I’ve used my Rebecca Minkoff MAM for airport travel - but I always pack a smaller back to use once I get there, usually Eva which packs easily.
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  9. I use a large backpack (think large school back pack) so that goes under seat and the Pochette Métis which goes on my lap like a baby. I haven’t had any attendant tell me anything about that. I usually have my phone on top of the PM so maybe it really isn’t noticeable that I have the bag in my lap.
    Anyways I use the PM along w the regular large backpack and a small luggage that goes on overhead bin.
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  10. +1. Love mine!
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  11. I love my speedy 35. I had the neverfull and didn’t like having to dig and dig for things that had fallen to the bottom. I also didn’t like it was a big bucket. I happened to take some pics of my speedy 35 on top of my luggage just for this forum for reference. I will attach some pics.

    Attached Files:

  12. not sure why it posted to the side. it's not like that in the original pic and I can't find a way to edit it on here. hopefully you get the idea. it fits perfectly under the airline seats. What I like about this shape is that it's more like a filing system with all my SLGs lined up in it rather than a huge bucket. And of course I love the zipper.
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  13. also as for hotels. I am rarely in one long enough to need maid service. I usually leave the do not disturb sign up. If I do stay longer and have an item I am a bit concerned about I will zip it up in my luggage (my black bag) then maybe stand that bag up to the side. Housekeeping is always supposed to have the door propped open when they are cleaning your room. They would have to be very very bold to lay my black luggage on its side, unzip it and start rummaging around in hopes of finding something. Then have to zip it back up, stand it back up all while hoping I didn't return to find them. I would imagine most hotel room theft is just something laying out in the open that they can see and grab quickly on their way out.
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  14. Not sure if it’d fit what you want but I also almost always carry the bag I mean to use at the destination + longchamp tote if it’s one of those flights where I want room for scarf etc. Longchamp I have is sort of a medium size, so it fits my LV purse within it with plenty of room to spare, if I feel like protecting my LV purse from rain or whatever.
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  15. Tumi's XL Just in case tote is the best alternative to Neverfull in my opinion.
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