Help needed from UK Celine lovers!

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  1. I am really wanting a Nano or Micro Luggage, how easy would it to be get hold of in London? I know Selfridges and Harrods stock them but is there anyone else?

    Also what is the price?

    I am fairly newish to Celine - I have a crossbody Celine bag that I saw in Vogue about 7/8 years ago and then found in Pandora pre-loved shop in Knightsbridge. I have a feeling it might be called the Never Full or something similar....
  2. back from london yesterday after a week.even for selfridges, you need to come at 9.30 am. I guess they limit the number of bags they can sell in a day. there is a small celine boutique in one of the streets off old bond street.
  3. Thanks AC. Do they have wait lists at Celine?