HELP needed!!! Formal evening gowns???

  1. We have been invited to a VERY formal Masquerade event. I usually dress up when we go out but not FORMAL!! I need a floor length gown of some kind. Im a size 10 and 5'7, tan and brown hair/blonde highlights. Nothing too young looking as Im 38. I really want a beautifull gown. I live in the worst shopping area ever so I must rely on internet shopping. I dont mind having 10 dresses sent to the house to try on but Im not sure where to start looking! I checked Nordstroms but there selection is terrible. Any ideas from my fashion savvy gals??? Thanks so much!!!:yes:
    P.S. I do not mind if its pricey...I just want to look GOOD!!!
  2. [​IMG] What are thoughts on this one?
  3. [​IMG]perhaps Vera Wang??
  4. [​IMG] too casual??? Also Vera Wang (pics from Bloomingdales)
  5. I think #2 looks harder to walk in whereas #1 looks easy to wear and pretty!
  6. WOW I :heart: #3 soooooooo pretty I think it might be too casual though.
  7. [​IMG]BCBG max Azira...this would fit me really well...please let me know what you all think!!
  8. [​IMG]Love this, but I think the criss cross pattern in the front would make me look hippy
  9. [​IMG] In black??? also keep in mind Im in Key west...its warm here!
  10. [​IMG]Following pics from NM, LOVE this...I do not want halter or strapless
  11. [​IMG] This would be very festive!!!
  12. [​IMG] The only reason I hesitate in halter is what bra?? But I think I can figure it out...this is pretty.
  13. [​IMG] okay...I like this but maybe its not fancy enough?? I have to walk away from the compter now or Im going to go crazy:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  14. The first dress. You can add a huge giant corsage as a belt, pile up loads of sparkly and huge bangles, do up your hair, and look fierce!
  15. If anyone has any recommendations please let me to checkout etc... thanks agian!