help needed for ZAGLIANI!

  1. I've recently discovered this brand...apparently been around for about 70 years and specializing in exotic skins. Stars love them. Bags look amazing but pricey!
  2. I like the designs also. I've been considering that same bag in fuschia. Cindy Crawford hyped the designer up on a episode of Oprah not long ago.
  3. Recently I saw these bags in Lane Crawford, HK. The metallic python ones caught my eye, especially their signature puffy style one. The one which Jlo has in charcoal. For an exotic bag, the price and quality makes it a fabulous purchase. I am beginning to regret not buying it...but they only had the metallic gold available in the large puffy which was way too conspicuous for me. I would love one in the pearlised python skin, which I saw in the smaller size. Also, am loving that it is still lesser known than the comparatively ubiquitous Hermes bags, which I am a fan of, which makes them more unique.