Help needed for the new SS14 leather

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  1. Hi,

    I had bought a new balenciaga anthracite city with Gold G12 hardware with 2014 leather from the recent hgbagsonline sales. Boy, i got a shocked when i saw the bag because the leather was plasticky and shiny plus the bag looked very stiff.

    For those who have a stiff plasticky leather from Balenciaga, can i check how long does the bag take to break in and also will the plasticky sheen go away after much usage?

    I have a 2010 city RH and a 2013 city and both bags' leather is chewy, matt and soft when i first purchased it. So i have totally no experience with bag that are plasticky looking....

    Appreciate your advise. I'm quite upset with my purchase and is thinking of selling away....
  2. Have you contacted Erica about not liking the bag? She is great to work with; maybe you can switch it out for a different one?

  3. I'm living in Asia so to send back the bag is Abit of a hassle. If there is no way that the bag will be broken in and become matt and chewy, I rather sell it away before I use it.....
  4. Do you have pictures? I haven't seen the 2014 leather in real life yet. Bals sometimes do start out rather stiff and after you wear a few times start to develop the slouch and not look so rectangular. Pictures may help us help you :smile:
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    hi there,

    the pictures of my balenciaga bag....

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  6. Personally, I think your bag looks beautiful! Since I can't feel it, I can't tell you about the plastic feel, but it doesn't look stiff at all and should relax the more you wear it as it is already starting to slouch. I love the wrinkles :smile: The shine may not go away, though. There hasn't been enough time for us to tell how the 2014 leather will wear in the long run. If you don't love it, don't keep it, but you may want to give it a little more time as I am sure it will soften with wear (as all leathers do), but it will probably keep the shine.
  7. I also recently got a Mini City from hgbags and its very stiff and shiny too. Not really the type of leather and look I'm going for (forgot to tell Erica about it when ordering). :sad: Not sure if it will soften up and lose some of its shine as time passes...
  8. I have emailed Erica and she told me that all the anthras are shiny and the shine will go off with wear. The biggest issue I have is the plastic shine so if she says it will go away, I will probably be keeping the bag.....
  9. I actually visited an actual balenciaga retail store 2 weeks ago and saw this exact bag (anthracite city g12 hardware 2014) in person and it looked just as shiny - pretty much the same as your picture!
  10. btw, how are you liking this season's anthracite with the g12 hardware so far? do you love the color/hardware combo or is it so-so? not sure if i like this or just the black city with regular hardware better.
  11. I have seen many SS14 bags irl, and have been disappointed with the quality of the leather. Very dry, stiff and shiny. The colour looks like it has been painted on and sits on top of the leather. I was/am after a city or PT in jaune poussin but have not found tone that had acceptable leather.
  12. There definitely does seem to be more "shine" on the 2014 bags versus previous seasons. However, I can assure you that the 'shine' does go away over time, the more you use your bag. As a matter of fact, there are products on the market that actually "restore" the shine, so it's not an anomaly at all.

    Unfortunately, as far as the stiffness of the leather .. it's really an individual thing for each bag. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to see the bags IRL as opposed to ordering online. I do, however, understand that this is not something that everyone can do. If you do have the opportunity to work with someone directly (Sales Associate or Erica), they you should be as specific as possible about the type of leather you like. However .. remember, Balenciaga bags do soften up over time, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  13. Hmm...personally i think your bag look fabulous. The leather looks gd from the pic....
    Im scared to buy online too as sometimes when i viewed from the website, the leather seems dry & stiff. But to buy locally is so much exx


    Is either to feel the bag & get the one i want or buy at my own risk? :lol:
  14. This thread makes me a bit nervous too as the only way I can get a Velo is to order online too, eeeek.
  15. I feel that the shiny will prevent the leather from drying. I put Balenciaga cream on my 2012 city and the shiny is gone, but the leather looks drier.

    So far, i haven't put any cream on my bleu indigo, the shiny is still there and it doesn't look dry.

    Correct me if i am wrong.