Help needed for shoulder/tote bag!

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  1. Hi people, I need help! I want a pratical, light-weighted and big bag. And the straps of the bag shouldn't be thin(hurts the shoulders if its heavy right?)

    I am a student therefore files, papers, water bottle and basic stuffs will be included in the bag. I need a good bag for school,

    please show me pictures and tell me why you think it's good. Responses are kindly appreciated!
  2. You could try looking at the Cabas Mezzo ..
  3. ^yep! or BH/BV. And what about the Tivoli GM?
  4. of course my 1st thought was the Neverfull GM.. but then I read on and saw you don't want thin, what about the Palermo GM?
  5. I would go with the cabas mezzo
  6. hello people, i would really love it if you could provide pictures =) and why you recommend that bag, because i would be my first LV bag!!
  7. BH, Mezzo, or Neverfull MM
  8. I was just wondering, for the neverfull GM, if I have a lot to put, and it's a little heavy, the thin straps of the bag will hurt the shoulder won't they??
  9. Anyone has the Damier Azur Saleya PM?
    Does the base pop out when you put heavy stuffs?
    Does it fit the arm nicely?
  10. I have the Neverfull MM.. and if I keep it on the lighter side.. it doesnt hurt my shoulders at all... but recently I went into NYC and added a few things it in (camera/playbills/snacks for the kids) and it got a little heavy.. and it hurt my shoulders a little.. but honestly.. not that bad... for the $ I think it is definitely worth it.
  11. Thanks babe, I am starting to fall in love with the neverfull MM, GM kinda too huge for me cos im small sized. Anyway how much is the MM?
  12. you are very welcome! The MM is $620 USD... I think you will be very happy with it! Good luck!
  13. I'm heading to LA and San Frans in Dec, do you think I can get the MM. It's like super popular it's sold out =(
  14. I'm not really sure... maybe because of the holidays they are sold out.. but I thought they were back in stock... why don't you order it online.. has online shopping now.. think that might be your best bet... Good Luck!
  15. Thanks dear =)