Help needed for purchasing a paddy

  1. I think I am going to take the plunge for a paddy, regardless of its weight. Probably will take the padlock off.....
    There is a local consignment store selling four paddys right now: three regular paddies, one black, one gray, one burgandy, all asking for $900. One metallic blue, crossbody style, asking for $950. They are gentally used. Are these prices too high? I know there is probably room for negotiation, what is a reasonable price for used paddys? Thanx for all of the helps.
  2. Have you looked at eBay? That might give you a better idea of what used paddys are going for.
  3. acshih - are you sure that these consignment ones are good? $900 is not really bad but it is not the best. If I could get my hands on a 2005 whiskey - that would be the creme de la creme. But I don't even look good sporting a regular sized Paddy so it is a moot point for me. I think you can do better than $900 - I really do. I already have.
  4. Yeah, I am pretty sure that they are good. I got a couple of LV's from them in the past. Thanx for the info. I still cannot make up my mind re: the regular paddy or the capsule...:smile: But, I do love the color and leather of the regular paddys. Maybe the capsule will have more colors to choose from in the future?!:hrmm:
  5. Ya know - it would make sense to get a regular Paddy now and then bide your time for a Capsule later on when they come down in price big time. No one knows at this point if they will hold their value for many seasons. Maybe the Spring '08 Chloes will be knock 'em dead and that's what all of us will want!