Help needed for my first bbag!!

  1. Hello all,

    I'm quite new to bbag, actually I'm interested in bbag for a while but still have no chance to get one.

    Ok..long story short, I asked my mom for a new bag and she said ok but no more LV!! ((I'm a LV freak.)) :p So, I think it's time for bbag now...:wlae:

    At first, I was in love with City, but I found myself having too many stuffs and because I love love big bag, so I decide to get a Work. ((Do you think it's suitable for my 5'4"??))

    Would you all help me decide which color to choose between 06 Bleu & Grenat? :shame:

  2. My first instinct is that Grenat is amazing.....However, what are the main colors in your wardrobe?
  3. Jewelqueen ... I love I have various colors in my wardrobe. I love the fact that both bleu & grenat are not too bright which I think I can pair them with any things.
  4. Grenat would be my choice.
  5. In that case I would say Grenat!!
  6. bleu! I love 06 blue! looks really nice with jeans and lots of other things. My friend has a bleu city and loves it to death.