Help needed for first Birkin

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  1. Hello all, I have started to descend down the slippery orange road and have decided to sell some of my other bags and purchase a Birkin, which I have dreamed about for quite a while. It will be a pre-owned purchased. What I want help with is what colour to choose for my one and only Birkin. I have always had a lot of black handbags in the past (mainly Chanel) so do I go for another black bag or do I chose a colour? What do you think?
  2. It depends. Any colours catch your eye yet? Do you have a certain colour scheme to your wardrobe?
  3. If you only like buy from boutique
    Look thru the current colors tell us what you think
    If you don't mind buying from open market
    Look thru tell us what you love
    It's easier this way
    H colors too vast
    To give suggestions to stranger
    And going to be your one and only piece
    Very stressful haha

    If the above don't work
    Just stick to black
    No need headache drop hair
  4. How exciting!
    But I understand it's also not an easy choice.
    Now, which colours do you like and which would work with your wardrobe?
    Do you have the option to go to a boutique and see some colours IRL (like leather swatches, SLG, other bags so that you can get a better idea about colours/leathers)?
    Since this is going to be your one and only B., I would keep it simple.
    A nice neutral or a color that works with almost everything and that will grow old with you.
    My first pick wouldn't be Black because H. does so many nice colours and you can easily get a black bag from another designer.
    I would rather go for something more interesting, like Etoupe, Taupe, Etain, Graphite, Gold, Blue Colvert, Blue Indigo or Blue de Prusse. Or Raisin if you like a very dark purple.
    If you like a bit more color and if you like red, I would recommend to have a look at Rouge H (classic burgundy red) or Rouge Casaque (bright true red).

    There are so many options and since you are going to buy pre-owned, take your time to find out which bag will make your heart sing ;).

    Good luck!
  5. for a one and only birkin i recommend etain, etoupe or graphite!! versatile all year colors and don't have to baby too much. the b in my avatar is a graphite.
  6. :tup: :tup: :tup:
  7. I'm in the same situation as you.My chanels are usually black.Was in a dilema what colour should I get for my first Birkin. In the end,I settled for a black B30 with ghw. Most importantly,the colour should sing to you.
  8. I agree with the comments about sticking to classics and neutrals since this is your first and last. You want it to be as versatile as possible to get the most bang for your buck. I also agree particularly about finding a specific colour that just sings to you.

    Personally, I gravitate towards black, and neutrals like etoupe, gris tourterelle, and gold. For colour, nothing that pops too much like Bleu de Prusse (Prussian Blue) or Vert Canopee (green) or Rouge H (though I won't say no to Rouge Casaque or Garance. Maybe even Vermilion). For something related to black, Graphite is a great alternative and I also like Plomb, a creamy black that looks divine in clemence (I was convinced very recently by lovely H tpfers). My new favourite obsession is Bleu Minuit (midnight blue).

    And that's not even considering how each colour will show on different types of leathers and choosing which size and hardware! Decisions, decisions. :graucho:
  9. Figuring out which colors make your heart sing is part of the Hermes experience. Why rush it? I find that I develop crushes on certain colors but the love doesn't last. While my affection for other colors lasts over the years and is constantly renewed.

    Also be aware that colors look different depending on the leather. A color that looks great in one leather can be very uninspiring in another.

    Stand back and take a look at your closet. Do you gravitate to certain colors? That could give you a set of color finalists to consider. You might want to look through the reference section and see all the variations that there are for each color.

    My suggestions are probably making this more difficult for you than you want. But you also need to figure out your preference on size, leather, and hardware. The combined blessing and curse of Hermes is the mind boggling number of choices.

    At these prices, you don't want to make a mistake. Take your time and listen to your gut.
  10. Maybe I'm the boring one but when I first wanted to buy a birkin thinking it was my one and only, I wanted it to be black.
  11. I chose a gold birkin because I already had a black chanel. That way, my neutrals were covered in classic colors. Hope this helps! I'm so excited for you! (You may want to go through the Hermes reference thread to take a look at the colors. That's what I did to help me decide which color I preferred.) Let us know what you decide! Most of all, have fun and know that anything you choose will be gorgeous!
  12. What size are you considering? Is it going to be a larger size to be used more as a work tote or a 25 or 30 to be used as a handbag?
  13. +1
  14. Thanks for all of your replies. I am looking to get a 30 I think, but if the right one comes along I would be happy with a 35. I already have a vintage Bolide in gold, so wouldn't want that colour. To be honest the pre owned market in the UK is not a good one and Birkins seem to sell at very high prices. I have seen a nice chocolate one for sale, but cannot buy until my funds are available. I like neutral colours and think that they would be better for all year round use, and let's face it, if I am spending that sort of money I need to get as much use out of it as possible. I do not want a larger version as I am only 5' so they tend to swamp me.
    I will keep you all updated when the time comes!;)
  15. We are about the same height and I think the 30 is best for us. Chose the one colour which would either work with your wardrobe best or be the most pop you can carry off. The neutrals seem to be best for you and since you have Gold in a Bolide, consider Etoupe. You can either look at preloved or in the stores, both options are possible, funds being available. Good luck!