Help needed for a new Bbag owner in Singapore

  1. I just bought my first bubble gum pink city two weeks ago and I have not used it yet because I've not been able to get my hands on any sort of water proof or stain proof sprays/creams for my bag.
    I know Apple seems to be the standard go-to but shipping the stuff to Singapore is just too exorbitant. (It will cost even more than the product itself)
    So this goes out to all the Singapore Bbag owners. Where do you go to get your bbag protected? Is there an alternative you use that works just as well?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated cos I'm dying to start using my bag. Thanks!
  2. I use apple guard only.. Bbags is too expensive to save on protector.. We could share the cost if u want. Im planing to get my next carton of apple guard soon.
  3. chpwhy, you get a carton of them? :wtf: since shipping aerosols are very sticky now, do you get through customs easily? TIA!
  4. apple also have a pump spray version of the apple guard, similar price, perfect for posting internationally. were great with posting to me in australia
  5. Sorry to crash, ladies, but I am from hong kong and I ordered a can of apple guard but my personal shipper don't allow it to be shipped out of US, where do you order yours chp?TIA:flowers:
  6. my last order was about 1 month or so ago. I oredered 5 cans. But i use it fast. Nv had any problem with customs.. :confused1:
  7. hellooholly i cant seem to locate apple products on luggageand which category is it located under?

    chinkee i ordered mine from direct and paid via paypal and it arrived in hk within the week.
  8. I got a bubblegum pink city last sunday! And didnt know that I had to protect it with the conditioner to prevent stains!! D: Anyone knows where I can get the apple garde spray thing ? And what's the procedure of conditioning and spraying the bag??
  9. Hi I have ordered Apple Leather Cleaner and the Apple Care (Conditioner) but not Apple Garde (rain and stain repellent) from the US through a friend, because i was also under the impression that aerosols are not allowed. For eg, specifies they don't ship apple garde internationally. Leatherstuff does not ship to SG.

    Chpwhy, where do you order from?

    However, I actually have not use much of these products on my B bags because I find that the Apple Care (the conditioner) takes away some of the shine of the bag if your bag is brand new (you have to look carefully). I only use it on the bottom of some of my bags.

    I sprayed a small amount of Mister Mint Protector on the handles. This is available from the Mister Mint and actually is more expensive than Apple Garde. It does not discolour or change the leather.
  10. thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate them.
    Chpwhy, do you order them from Cos the website seems to be down half the time.
    Jems332, what is the specific name of the Mister Minit protector you use and what colour is your Bbag? I'm wondering if there is more discolouration in lighter leather compared to darker leather?
  11. Yes. ive placed order on several times.. Never had any problem..
  12. Hi its just called Mister Mint Protector. I believe there are a few colours and I have the colourless one. I have Ocean, Violet, Turquoise and BG Pink bags but have not used on the BG Pink yet. I only use on handles.

    Actually there is another set of products which is also quite popular for Bbags from LMB (lovin my bag) and LMB has a special lotion for handles. I am thinking of getting that but their international shipping is really steep.
  13. I've used LMB products on some of my other bags and results have been mixed at best, so please be careful. The handle protector turned a white bag's handles chalky (although it's still clean!) and another bag with untreated leather didn't react very well either to the products as the color changed. I had to send to LMB to see what they could do but the bag looked the same when it came back, sadly enough. Balenciaga bags have untreated leather too.
  14. I'm looking to get the Apple care and guard too.. pls let me know if anyone wants to share shipping? Im located in SG..thanks!
  15. jems email leatherstuff and tell them that Singapore (or whichever country) is not in their dropdown selection they will add it in. HK was not there, I asked if they could ship to Hk and the replied saying they have added in HK so I was able to order my apple stuff. caution shipping is like usd 40-45 so i ordered like tonnes of stuff to make it worth the shipping cost.