HELP NEEDED first purchase (well second)

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  1. hey guys! basically i need HELP, i am looking to buy a balenciaga beacuse i love them , however i bought a greige city a month ago but returned it as i was worried about discolouration within age as it is rather light, and it already started getting a yellow-ish tint to it, but i loved the bag sooo much, beautiful leather, etc,and i miss having it. NOW i reaaaaaaaallly reallly want another one, i miss my bag already, but i am thinking about another colour, i dont really want black but i am looking for one that will go with ALOT of stuff and i am still undecided on the COLOUR! should get one of the fall colours or wait for the spring/summer colours?? my mind is in a PLEASE HELP!!! o and i can only afford one, so its gonna have to go with as much stuff as possible, but that isnt black, :/ HELLP!!! :sad: :shrugs:
  2. There are so many great colors out there depends if you like more neutrals or colors that pop?!
  3. i say look at SS colors and see what suits u best =) + it depends on ur taste and preference =)
  4. well if i really push my finiancial situation at the moment and work more i will be able to get one neutral and one that really stands out, any ideas? i saw a brown one when i was last in selfridges, what do you guys think of that colour as a neutral? and yeah i want one that will pop, but have no idea which one !!!!!!
  5. lol thats the problem i would buy all of them if i could, i keep picking colours, then the next minuite i change my mind:shrugs: i am completely stuck, now i want my greige back, then im thinking of the brown colour i saw there:s
  6. as a whole i would say i prefer neutrals, so if anyone has any suggestions please tell me! i am horrible at making decisions, as you can proably
  7. How about a caramel colour? I was just drooling over OzzysMom post of the one she got from Zacorey. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  9. I have a Griege First and it is fine - no yellow here - LOVE it!!
  10. Hey,

    I know exactly how you feel, I'm looking to buy a balenciaga aswell but I cant decide between a basic colour like black or white and a standout colour like blue! I want the blue but I know Ill get heaps of use out of the black or white...its so hard to choose!

  11. Ink is a good Blue and looks almost Black and I also have Blueberry and use it ALL the time!
    Way more than I thought I would!
  12. The blueberry is gorgeous I forgot about that one, thanks!
  13. The carmel bags are beautiful and would be a great neutral. The ink is a good color as well. It's not black and changes color and goes with quite a bit of colors.
  14. I think that you should get the caramel bag because I'm desperate for a bag of that color and have realized just now that I don't have a bag that color. Also I would go for any bag with a pop of color for your second bag. I'm sorry I'm not completely familiar with all the colors for S/S, I've been working and haven't had time to read the post yet.
  15. The caramel is absolutely beautiful. My one and only is a 05 caramel First. I love her!
    My next is going to be a black city or a black work. I need one for my travels and for uni.
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