Help needed! Ebay transaction nightmare...

  1. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on the forum, but something happened with an eBay transaction that I just don't know what I should do about :sad: and wanted to know what you all think!

    I purchased a klara for $840USD (I'd consider it an OKAY deal), the seller stated that it has only been taken out twice and it's literally new, and NO tears or stains anywhere (

    But when I received the bag there was a every evident mark on the front panel of the vachetta!:crybaby:

    I've emailed the seller asking her why she didn't mention it in her listing, she replied by saying it must've not been evident. I offered to take pictures for her, and asked her if she would reimburse me if I took the bag to LV for repair, and she wrote back saying I got a good deal and that lot's of bags sell for hundreds of dollars with tears in them!!

    I'm just:hysteric:at the moment because I do like the bag but I feel violated that the seller didn't describe the bag accurately...please help!!

    Thanks guys in advance.
  2. Hi Misty, long time no see..

    Sorry to hear that but I believe you could report it to eBay and start a dispute since the item isn't as described..

    Wish u luck :heart:
  3. So sorry to hear about your trouble!!!! Is it a cut in the vachetta or just a mark? Maybe it can be cleaned with Magic Eraser???
    If you feel the bag was terribly misrepresented..file a "significantly not as described" with eBay!
    Hope it all works out!!:smile:
  4. Hi syd_chic, long time no see!

    lvbliss: thanks for the suggestions, it's just a stain, but what's a magic eraser?

    And do you think it's a little too petty to file a dispute?
  5. Pictures of the flaw?
  6. The regulars in the Ebay forum will likely be able to help you more.

    How did you pay for the Klara ?
  7. Can we see a photo of the mark? I can't see any marks on the bag in the auction but then again, they aren't the best photos.
  8. Magic Eraser is that little white sponge that you see advertised on tv that claims to remove stains from anything, not sure you have them in Australia, here in the US they are made by the brand 'Mr Clean'. I just googled it and it seems the brand 'Chux' makes them in Aus. They really do work.
  9. i would open a paypal dispute and when the seller gets the notice she might be more willing to reimburse you some of the money to get the vachetta replaced. if she doesn't budge, escalate paypal dispute to a claim and get your money back. as long as you paid with paypal there is nothing she can do to stop a return, and keep all of the emails you received from the seller especially the one when she says lots of bags are sold in worse condition. if she describes the bag as new in her auction she is clearly contradicting herself. i have a feeling she will cave once you open the dispute though because she knows she misrepresented the bag and she will loose the paypal case and be out of her ebay fees.
  10. Thanks for your responses everyone! An update...

    I have opened up a paypal dispute, and the seller initially sent me a very apologetic email (I said I didn't want to make trouble as I've been both a seller and buyer, and that I would just like to have a dent/mark free bag), but then a few emails down she started getting nasty :sad:

    Anyhow, I've taken the bag into LV for them to give me a quote on how much it would cost to repair the bag, I've attached pictures below. I took them when it's twilight so the lighting's not that good.

  11. That mark would really annoy me if I had bought a bag described as being in perfect condition with no marks or tears.
  12. I'm glad it wasn't just me over reacting :crybaby:
  13. Sellers could avoid these problems if they would just state these things in their auctions! Good luck to you, I hope you get this settled soon.
  14. Yeah, although this is not *that* obvious to me, it's definitely grounds for a SNAD (significantly not as described) claim. Because, the text of her auction says: There's no stain nor tears anywhere

    which is just simply not true, given what is shown your pictures (the stain on the bag).

    I'd definitely file a SNAD claim. Hope you get your $$ back!
  15. It would bug me that she didn't mention this. Yes, I would have her pay if it can be corrected. However, over time the vachetta will darken and the stain would become less noticeable. Regardless, a stain is a stain, and the seller avoided truth and honesty. Stand your ground. Perhaps have her refund you a certain amount. GL