Help needed - eBay Seller Kawaii Style

  1. Can anyone offer feedback (positive or negative) on this seller? I recently bid on a fuschia baggy pm and lost. Apparently the winner didn't pay and the seller e-mailed to offer me a second chance. My response was that it would have to occur through the official second chance system that eBay has set up. Still, it is eBay and I worry even though the seller has 100% positive feedback. Thoughts?
  2. Sometimes scammers do this second chance thing. Sometimes it's really legit. I've been hit by scammers this way twice. Send a question to eBay and to the original winner asking if it's really true.

    Be careful and good luck!
  3. If she follows thru with the 2nd chance offer thru ebay & you pay via credit card, I think it will be fine.
    If she has 100% feedback, I don't think she would put that in jeopardy.
    Good luck!
  4. I agree.
  5. I would only bid on another auction. Ebay is always sending out warnings about "second chance" offers.
  6. Thanks to everyone. I wrote back and told the seller that I would only buy through an official ebay second chance. The original buyer's id was kept private so I couldn't do any other research. Anyway, haven't heard a peep and the seller hasn't posted any new items. Guess that mystery is solved.