Help needed: DH had annual physical, pre diabetes

  1. Hi everyone,

    DH was told today after his annual physical exam that his fasting glucose was 100, the lowest number before an official pre diabetes diagnosis. He has been losing weight and has down very well by "lifestyle" changes" in his dietary choices. But, he still needs to lose more. Currently, he wears a a size 40 X 30 pant, size 48 s suit. I need help or suggestions for what to do to help him. I have searched for message boards on the topic, but there was nothing I could find for his diagnosis as far as active forums, but rather a lot for type 2 diabetes full of medical jargon I did not understand. His doctor told him to buy a treadmill and continue with his diet that has been working but to step it up a notch or two. She told him that his weightloss was great, but he really needs to tackle the belly area. He will be retested in three months. Do we go to a nutritionist, if so, how in the heck to find a good one? I need to find a source immediately about what foods to eat, or not. I am so worried, his grandfathers and great uncles died in their 50's from heart problems. He is 42. I feel like some info he may not have told me or he forgot. I don't want to worry him more, so that is why I am seeking advice here to educate myself more in case anyone has experience with this or with a family member/friend. I appreciate it if you have read this far in my long post. Thank You!
  2. Hey BHG, sorry to hear your DH is facing this, but being proactive is the best thing...and congrats on his weight loss!

    I had a friend who went through the same thing. His doctor put him on Metformin, and things started getting better right away. He lost weight, his sugar was more stabilized, and after a year or so he was able to stop taking the pill, pre-diabetes free.

    I would also recommend a good nutritionist.