Help needed: desperately searching for MBMJ deal

  1. I am wondering if anyone saw any Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag deals in NM last call/off 5th Saks/nord rack/else, especially teri turnlock tote. There is no any of these stores around my area and the only Saks store does not carry the line. Many Thanks and Merry Christmas to every Marc girl!
  2. I was at the Nordies at Mainplace, Santa Ana, CA. They had the teri's there but no sale sorry. The only MbyMJ bag they had on sale was the pochette in blue.

    You might find a better deal on eBay. (Have these authenticated before bidding on the authenticate this thread)

    $338 BIN or Best Offer

    Starting bid $199
  3. Did you check the MJ sales thread? -The MbyMJ items we see are posted there too.