Help Needed: Designing Walk-In Wardrobe to store Hermes

  1. I'm going to have the moment of a lifetime soon, to be able to design a walk-in wardrobe from scratch, and I am so excited.

    You might think what has this got to do with Hermes. I tell you, it has EVERYTHING to do with Hermes because I now need to decide how I want to store my H things. I need help in deciding what I should have.

    My preliminary thoughts are these:-

    a) H Jewellery
    Glass top jewellery drawer/tray for H jewellery. I will ask for it to be lined in felt, so the things won't slide around when I open and close. I will also ask for anti-slam cum easy close hinges. Question >> Shall I have this drawer flat or shall I ask for inserts to organise my H jewellery?

    b) H Scarves / Twillys
    I'm thinking this would be a drawer under the jewellery drawer. I am not big on scaves, so I think one drawer is enough. Store them Hermes-boutique style.

    Alternatively, I can ask for men's trouser's pull out holder, and use it to hang my scarves. What do you think?

    c) H bags and Orange boxes
    I like to have my bags sleeping in their respective boxes when they are not in use. So I am thinking that I should ask for enough space between the shelving and the ceiling to stack up my orange boxes.

    Have I missed out any important considerations?

    Vermillion, I need to sleep inside your wardrobe to study every nook and corner before I can decide what I really need! :sweatdrop:
  2. Hahha, sounds wonderful!

    Qa) Sorry, I'm not a jewelry kinda girl, so no help here.

    Qb) Store them Hermes boutique style as you aren't big on them, you can see all the colors and designs quickly. (For me, as I have so many now, the 2nd alternative works best for me.)

    Qc) You are pretty much right on this here, the boxes are pretty big though, no idea why! Haha, oh man, I can see you're going to be busy busy busy for a looooooooong time.

    I can't wait to see the finished product when the guys are done building it.
  3. LOL, AirMess! I was out meeting my wardrobe specialist, that's why I posted lesser today! I'm at the drawing board stage! I am pretty sure I will be revising my plan several times before the actual work gets done!
  4. I'm sure you will, make sure you have a full length mirror, LOL!
  5. are gonna have so much fun doing this. About the jewelry, and this is something I've been thinking about doing, Hermes sometimes showcases their bracelets on some sort of magnet, under a glasscover, so they don't move around and can be stored standing up.

    Another thing, and this is just common sense but something I forgot to take into consideration :shame: , make sure you have room for your collection to grow.
  6. Icechick, I need to see what this magnet that you're talking about. Next trip to the store, I shall scrutinise the showcase. There was one time I spotted a bit of blue tack holding up a cadena that was in the showcase!!!! :lol:

    Room for collection to grow .... :graucho: Shhhhh .... my DH must not know this!

  7. LOL! For Hermes in Action photos, right?
  8. MrsS, what about ample room for H shoes? Can't forget those!
  9. Thanks, Sue. But we cannot store shoes in our wardrobe here in Asia. Way too stinky because of th humidity. I have this covered in our shoe cupboard in the car porch. :yes:

    Anything else??? Help me think micro please. I was just thinking about my cadenas ... I will just buy a see through plastic tray and slide that into the jewelly drawer. OK, you think??
  10. Can you leave them in their boxes witth the top cover underneath the bottom box? They are safe and sound in the boxes, and you won't need to waste extra storage space for boxes.

    Let me look around and see if I can come up with some URLs
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  12. This must be terribly exciting!! :smile:

    Suggest doing Glass doors so you can display your shoes on shelves that are not too deep (I learnt this the hard way, in the end you forget you have shoes behind the first pair) so not more than 1 shoe wide

    Dessicant or Dessicant Tubes can aid in reducing the humidity and smell. :yes:
  13. I have a bespoke Smallbone kitchen and worked with the designer on creating drawer inserts, so I have some idea of the possibilities. Custom inserts can be created for each of your drawers. Basically, they are just slightly smaller than the drawer and drop in snugly.
    They can be lined, sectioned to suit you, etc. I'd have sectioned drawers for your Hermes jewelry to keep it organized and protect it from knocking against each other. Regarding the humidity, will you have some sort of climate control for your walk-in wardrobe?

    If I could have my Hermes bags displayed on shelves behind glass doors and lighted from the sides, that's what I'd do.
  14. Don't know if I have too many suggestions, but I must say this is so exciting and fun!