HELP NEEDED!!! Defective item exchange... TIA!

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  1. Hello Dear TPFers,

    Help needed!!! What should I do...?

    I recently received a red epi zippy coin purse as a gift, it was purchased in a free standing store in the beginning of this year. And I found there is something inside the leather, there is always a bump when I touch it, which bothers me a I went to my local LV store in Saks which is the only LV store within 3 hours driving…

    At first the SA refused to exchange or fix for me and saying “this is not a big deal, they won’t fix it”, “We don’t have the same item in stock now, you have to wait till we get one which is maybe 2 weeks later, may be longer, and I don’t even know whether they still make this; or you need to ship it to the store it was purchased and let them decide”, ”it already passed the 30 days exchange days”, I said the exchange days should not apply to defective items, and she was like “Why didn’t you notice the defect in 30 days?”, I had to explain to her again that this is a gift I didn’t receive it until recently and the defect is inside the leather, it took some time to show… Finally the other SA (this is a really small store that only has 2 SAs at the time I went) said they can order one from another store for me. I really appreciated and thought the problem was solved.

    However, today when I went to pick up the new one, I was sooo disappointed… It looks like used and the epi leather looks flat (not sure whether this is the accurate word...) and even a little bit pale… But the SA refused to order another one for me and said “You can only exchange once, you take this or keep the old one, I am not going to order another one for you..”

    What should I do to get a good one…? I don’t want the “new” one because it shows more wear and tear even than my old one.. I don’t want the old one either since it is defective… Please help…:-s Thank you very much in advance!!!
  2. Sorry for the long story... really need some advice...
  3. OMG... I'm mortified for you! I don't know what to tell you exactly but I would NOT except the new one and would 100% escalate the customer service. I also would probably go to another store and immediately ask for a manager or call. Good Luck!!!
  4. Personally I think that is incredibly rude of the SA. Email/call customer services re the issue and the incredibly poor customer service you have received. I am sure they will be much more helpful
  5. Since you don't want either wallet, could you exchange the epi wallet for a different style?
  6. I asked at the first time I went, She said it has to be the exact same item I have now, i guess because it passed 30 exchange days...

  7. Thank you! I will call CS...

    I wish there was another store near me so that I dont have to deal with such SA... I guess another reason is they belong to Saks not LV... The SA told me the money purchased this purse is in LV system not Saks...
  8. And one question for epi leather..~

    The one they ordered for me (made in 20th week of 2013) feels different with the one I have now and also other epi leather wallets in store... and Sales said it is normal and because the leather is different... I am not familiar with epi leather, but is it true...?

  9. Why is the SA such a painful person? Call the customer service and tell them of your disappointing service and report that SA to them, especially that particular store.
    If you are spending your hard earned money on such an item, you have the right to be satisfied with what you have bought. If it is a defect, it is something they should fix.
  10. No this is not true, there should be no difference in the texture of the epi leather. I would ask to speak to the manager, or could you try going to another store?

  11. Thank you! The leather feels less resistant, not sure why...

    And do all same items have the same date code location? The one they ordered for me has date code in the middle compartment while the old one I have has date code in the side compartment..

    And actually the old one has newer date code than the new one lol
  12. OP sorry for your horrible experience. I agree with everyone else, call 1-866
  13. Are you close to another store? Maybe you might have better SA experience at another store.
  14. I ended up exchanged for the "new" one cuz I don't want to waste my time with them again... But I don't think I will ever shop at that store again... Wish one more lv store opens around me...
  15. Either that or perhaps you should just order online if/when you purchase again.