Help needed......decision time

  1. ... wanted a white bag. I was wondering can I "wear" the jumbo white classic flap with silver/h my "casual" bag...or buy another small petite tote (just purchase the gst black/gold...2-3 weeks ago) i really need another similar design in white..(of all my purchases ..never like buying the same/similar style in different colours).So what's yr take, ladies??

    p.s can u ladies recommend something in white (no cabas) patent leather/caviar??? something
    If so, kindly furnish me with the style that I can ask my SA to check it out for me?
    Thks a million..
  2. why don't u like the white baby cabas?

    i'd recommend the large DS tote since im in love with it as well...
  3. Hi Ghostdreamer
    Cos it is too doesn't sits well on its own...seems to be "crumpling" 1 option here now
  4. I definitely think the jumbo white caviar classic flap w/ silver hardware can work as an everyday bag. the classic flap is SOO versatile that it can easily work with a more formal outfit as well. Also I think the silver hardware makes the white caviar makes the purse so modern.

    And I think the GST and PST are different enough that you can justify the purchase of a white PST. :yes:
  5. I LOVE the white classic flap bags--:drool: !!!

    I would be a bit afraid to use it as an everyday bag, but if you are careful, perhaps you could! It's one be-oooo-tiful bag!!!
  6. I am in love with the MC tote in the white...sooo gorgeous!!
  7. There it the white timeless tote/bowler that I have seem in patent white that is so pretty. However, it costs about $2300.
  8. How about the white medallion tote. It is very structured, cavier leather, medium sized. They have pics and possibly style #'s under the reference area of classics.
  9. The timeless patent tote in white is actually $3100 in the large size. :wtf: So expensive and it's just PATENT!

    I would say the Modern Chain in white, but that bag isn't structured also. What about the diagonal CC bag? They're available in white also.
  10. I was going to purchase the diagonal CC bag in white, but my S/A suggested the Diamond Stitch so I went with that, not sure I am keeping it. I haven't carried it yet. It is very similar to the Diagonal but there is just something about the Diagonal I really love????
    I have the jumbo white classic flap, I think you could use it as a casual bag, like Jenn said it can go either way. If you want another white bag I suggest you take a look at the Diagonal CC Tote.
  11. I would definitely do the white jumbo classic!
  12. Classic Flap!!