Help needed deciding on a Fuchsia bag? (Please)

  1. I have my information at the outlet for when the fuchsia lindseys get there. So I was just wondering what "pink" bag you would choose, the legacy fuchsia duffle or the fuchsia lindsey? I don't have much color in my collection!
    So what do you all think?:smile:
  2. Definitely the fuchsia Lindsey
  3. did your outlet tell you when they will be getting fuchsia lindseys?

    definitely get the fuchsia lindsey! :smile:
  4. They should be in this coming week :smile: Not positive what day!! I will let you know.;)
  5. I would pick the lindsey , but I am not a fan of the legacy pieces in any style. I tried in the Fuschia Lindsey at my FP store two weeks ago ands it's a gorgeous bag .
  6. thanks! :smile: I'll be calling my outlets every day this week! :yes:
  7. Lindsey for sure.
  8. Lindsey
  9. Duffle!!!
  10. Lindsey!
  11. The Lindsey is a gorgeous bag, and will be cheaper at the outlet. go for the Lindsey.
  12. Duffle.
  13. The Lindsey's pretty fantastic, and I think the leather is a little smooshier, so I would go for that one.
  14. Lindsey!
  15. Gurl u need Lindsey