Help Needed: Cles For My Bellevue PM Pomme d'Amour

  1. I got the Pomme d'Amour Bellevue PM so which one should i get? the amarante, violette or pomme d'amour cles?

    which one would look best?

    and, should i get the new cles with nameplate (to match my Bellevue's nameplate) or just the classic vernis cles?

    need your advice tPFers...thanks ;)
  2. I have a classic vernis cles on mine and it looks great.
  3. I think the Pomme would be nice on Pomme.. or maybe the Amarante? I don't think Violet would match?
    I would get the newer style with the nameplate.. it seems to hold so much more!
  4. I say get the Amarante with the nameplate. I like the idea of coordinating instead of matching. And the dual nameplates would pull it all together. Also as sparklemint mentioned it seems to be a bit more functional.
  5. I would get a damier ebene clés!

    I think the name plate clés wil be too much and they are really big to hang of a pm sized bag. I also wouldn't mix the vernis colours but make a nice contrast wit a damier clés!
  6. I would get either the pomme cles( see which size is better with the bag), perle (if they still have one) or an azur cles. Do not think I would like the viollete or amarante with the pomme.
  7. Pomme, Get the new bigger Cles (with the name plate) for sure.
  8. I think a damier azur cles would be cute!
  9. I just got the pomme bellevue pm and the pomme cles with the name plate. Super cute together. I went back and forth between the pomme and amarante though...DH made the final decision since it's my valentine's day present!
  10. I think the Pomme would look best with Pomme ... unless you like the Pearl?
  11. I say Amarante since it's so dark. Or Perle if you can find one.

    Pomme/Pomme just seems too matchy to me. I'd get the new ones, I love the nameplate.