Help needed choosing right size, lot of modelling pictures

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  1. Hello

    I now have saved a little money and are ready to make my next purchese, hopefully before the price rises (if it do).

    I need a black bag. I would like the bayswaterstyle, plain and elegant.
    But which size is right for me?? Bays, East-west of maby Ledbury??

    I took those pictures today of my bays and east west, and wonder if you please could look at them and be really honest and say which size fits me best.

    I am small, only 1,55 cm, and I am afraid the bayswater will appear very massive in black on me because I am small. I think it looks ok in oak, but I am not sure about black and would appreciate second opinions.

    Thanks in advance!

    Here comes Bayswatersize:




    And here is east- west size:



  2. Love your bags! Are they both oak? Great patina. I think you should go for the eas-west in black; the ledbury might be too small and the bays too big (as you mentioned). Good luck deciding.
  3. Yes they are oak. I am an oak girl :smile:
    But even I need a black bag somedays....
  4. How long have you had them then? I want my oak ledbury to develop a patina like that! Just gorgeous :tup:
  5. Lovely bags :yes:

    The Bays look really good on you and if anything a black Bays would look smaller, not bigger than the oak. So if you're comfortable with the Bays you already have then I say go for the black Bays.
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    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    Graciella: Bays is about a year old, and the East- west I bought in June.

    If you compare your ledbury to a East-West how much smaller is it?
    I was thinking a black patent ledbury might be the right thing. Elegant and plain but with an edge. What do you think? to small for me?

    East- west I have two so another might be to much but you never know. And I really love my Bays, but a big black bag I don't know. I have a Roxanne already. Not same style but at least black......AAArrrrrggggg. I hate desiding. someone tell me what to do.
  7. I thought the east west looked great! as did your cats who seemed to be ready to give their opinion!
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    To be very honest I think the Ledbury is too small for anyone (sorry to graciella and all the Ledbury fans). I just think it looks like a childs bag. The SA in my local Mulberry shop took one out to show me a while ago and though she is a very petite lady, it just looked wrong on her. The same with mini Mabel.

    There, I said it. I know I will be hugely unpopular now but that is just my opinion :yes:
  9. Yes the cats is always ready to help, and to leave black hair on my white clothes and white hair on my black chlotes. But I love them so much so it doesnt matter. They are my babies. (silly I know but that is just the way it is)
  10. I think you should go for a black east west bays as i can understand your reservations about getting a 'big' black bag ie bayswater.

    Ledbury may seem a lil small and fiddly since youre used to the classic bays and e/w bays.

    Go for a black east west!

    Love your fluffy cats!!
  11. I'd say the ledbury is quite a lot smaller than the e/w bays, but that might be because the handles are a lot shorter. I love the ledbury, even though it is really tiny. I think you'd better go for the e/w, but if you should decide to get a black ledbury, get the patent (as you suggested) since shiny things always look a bit larger.

    Perhaps you should just leave the bays et all and get a different mulberry? How about a small somerset tote? I haven't seen them IRL yet, but they do look pretty on the website.
  12. Oh, realised now I made a misstake I meant the printed leather on the ledbury not patent. Sorry.

    No different Mullberries. Just love the baysdesigns and that is the bag for me.
  13. I need also a small black bag, so I ordered from an E-W Bayswater. But when she came I was really disappointed. She looks a kind of dull and old-fashioned due to this colour IMO, so I sent it back. But black Bayswater and Ledbury look beautiful in black.
    So I'm going for a black Ledbury (patent sounds great!), because I need a small, cute bag to go out (I own already a chocolate Ledbury I'm 165cm).
  14. :roflmfao: Each to their own!! Although I do hope I dont look like Im carrying a childs bag :nuts::roflmfao:

    Salikons, I think you could rock either a e-w or a full size in black, both sizes look fine on you in the pics :tup:
  15. Bays looks like it was made for you, the shape looks perfect on you