Help needed choosing messenger for DH

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  1. Hi ladies and gents

    I've got myself all confused on which messenger to get my DH - it is a surprise for him, he already has a messenger bag in chocolate by Storksak (the same bag that Brad Pitt has for papa duty).

    I know DH loves dark brown but wondered if I should diversify and get him oak for a change?

    At the minute I am thinking either

    Oak Brynmore
    Oak Large Anthony

    Chocolate Large Anthony

    Chocolate Brynmore

    Warren is out, don't think it's his style, and although I love the simplicity of the Morgan, what's the point having a bag that is so narrow you can only put slim items in so that one is out too - my husband carries a kitchen sink in his storksak!

    I'm not sure whether the Brymore is too blingy with all its hardware though :shrugs: DH being a designer is incredibly fussy about what he wears so it makes it a bit of a headache to shop for him :sad:

    I would really welcome any help, male or female alike, thank you :tup:
  2. Hi Maplecottage, I'm quite new here so my opinion won't mean much to you but I wanted to let you know I have the large Antony in Choc and my DH has a Brynmore in black. He really likes the Brynmore and uses it regularly, mainly for work but also casually. It doesn't look blingy on him as the HW is matt, he only wears wedding ring and watch so def not into bling!

    He will wear my antony if we are out and I am too tired (good thing about having a man bag while out shopping) but I know he would consider it too small and feminine to actually be his bag, if that makes sense?

    If it helps DH is relatively slim build and just under 6 foot, I think Brynmore really suits him :tup:

    Hope he enjoys whatever you choose for him, lucky husband!
  3. Hmmm....

    Maple, I don't think I'd got for the large Antony for a man. Although it's square, it still looks quite feminine. I think it might look a bit odd on a man but that's just my opinion.

    I'd go for one of the wider, chunkier messengers - how about Jasper? That is v plain, just has two buckles. There was also one called Jacob I think that was satchel style.
    Do you think he'd like the Morgan because I saw two in oak today at Shepton.
  4. Thanks Charlie, point taken, and good points at that, I appreciate your input!! Okay Antony is out!

    Hi Sara, I love the Morgan, think its a great simple style but am so annoyed at how thin they made it - DH always carries a novel in his bag, and the novel will be at least 3 times as thick as the depth of that bag if the photos on are anything to go by - I don't know if it stretches out to accomodate thick items?

    What were the prices on the oak SJ?
  5. I agree with the others def not Anthony........ but i really like the Brynmore.
    The SA in Bicester has an oak one which he has used for years, and the patina on it is really amazing! I have also seen a coulpe of guys wearing these in oak and they really caught my eye!
    I would buy on of these for my hubby def (he's 5"10, medium build)
  6. My DH has the black Jasper and uses it a lot. I also like the Rockley, but I don't know if it's around anymore...?
  7. Maple, I didn't check the price but I think it was about £200.

    There were a lot of messengers today - I had a quick look & remember seeing the larger Warren with the two pockets on the front, some Woodies - actually that's a thought, what about Woody? It's a decent size, has a big flap & two fastenings at the bottom of the bag but it's deeper than Morgan although similar in style. I've seen it in olive, oak & choc.
  8. That's a difficult one Maple .
    My DH only carries a brief case , or an Italian leather roll along when travelling .
    You said your DH does like your oak A4 tote so maybe you should go with oak . However if he is going to be using it in the rain , ummm not so sure.
    As for style of bag:shrugs:

    Sorry not much help am I .
  9. Maple, I'm a bit late to this but I think the Brynmore would be fab, great size, shape and definitely not 'blingy'. I also really like the Barnaby messenger but this has fewer internal pockets than the Brynmore.

    I think oak could be lovely, but what colours does he usually wear? Black or chocolate might suit him better.
  10. Hi ladies, thanks for your thoughts. Thanks Sara for the price, now was Mulberry having a giggle when they named a man bag/messenger Woody :wtf: Must track a photo of that down, the bag that is!!

    Good point on the oak Flossie, he did love it when he saw it, but also rain is a factor, but he did say he wanted bags he could change between so maybe oak could be his summer sunny day bag perhaps.

    Hi KLP, not too late, I still haven't chosen yet, the more I look at the Brynmore, the more I like it - haven't seen a barnaby before so will have a look for this also.

    Thanks for the ideas and thoughts ladies, it has been most helpful in whittling down the list.
  11. I would say go for choc brynmore.