Help needed choosing a Cles!!


Cles Colour!

  1. Damier Azur

  2. Classic Damier

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  1. I need a cles for skiing and quickie trips in and around town when I don't/can't lug my Saleya.

    Saleya is Azur - and I love the azur cles but I don't want to over-kill on it. Also like the reg. damier cles.

    These are the only two I am choosing between.

    Help! Thanks!
  2. I like either...for a cles, there is no difference for me between those two...both are Damier, but maybe the Azur would be more suitable for skiing trips because of the snow. lol
  3. I immediately thought AZUR... that's what I'd get... but as your Saleya is Azur, I think the regular one would be nice :yes: I don't like things being too matchy.
  4. I say regular damier, it's classic, darker color so it will take to more use, and I think it will go better with other things....
  5. I couldn't agree more!
  6. classic damier!!
  7. Both would look great! But I vote for Damier because it wouldn't get as dirty as the azur(especially with your keys and all). Plus if you decide to hang it off your azur bag, it would stand out!
  8. Can't go wrong with either
  9. Azur !
  10. Damier, no worries about dirt.
  11. I :heart: both! Seriously though, I'd get the azur, cuz I think azur on azur is just so cute (wow... can I say azur enough times??)!
  12. I love the Azur...that won't be overkill at all.
  13. I bought the Azur for myself.. and I love it more and more everyday, it's so special and beautiful :smile:
  14. azur! its sooo gorgeous!
  15. so hard to decide! i have both... can't go wrong with either one. maybe because it's new and a refreshing change to the regular damier print, but i prefer the azur.