Help needed: Can I ask you lovely people a question?

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  1. Hello. Could you please help answer this. If you were new to a site where there were hundreds of thousands of items to shop from, and the search facility there isn't working well, and you see a button that says "Gifts Guide", would you tend to shop primarily from that guide or would you try to search the site? Any suggestions on how to rename the "Gifts Guide" if that guide at the moment isn't a fair representation of what that awesome site has to offer?

    Thanks for any input on this.
  2. what about Best Sellers{?}
    I always love a link like that for some reason! Using it on Amazon toys right now in another window actually!
  3. I think Gifts Guide is confusing. I'd assume it was like a search function or something, based upon age, gender, etc. Maybe like Swanky suggested, Best Sellers or Holiday Picks or something of that nature.

    BUT, I would still probably search on my own or just browse until I found the right thing.
  4. SwankyMama and elizat, thanks for your responses. "Holiday picks" sounds great, thanks!
  5. ITA Best Sellers is a good start when getting familiar with a new site. I really don't like ANY site's "gifts" search results, JMHO.
  6. Thanks so much for answering, Pursegrrl.
  7. I tend to go by best sellers too... or a brand I am familiar with (or in the case of bags, obsessed with!!)
  8. Thanks, [coco] :smile:
  9. Personally, I still search b/c I'm so afraid of missing something!
  10. Karen, thanks! Hope all's well with you.
  11. :yes: I agree! When I'm not in a search for a specific item, I tend to look at the best sellers to get ideas
  12. b00mbaka, thanks! "Best Sellers" seems like a popular answer.
  13. Yes Best Sellers is good. also Must Haves, Just Arrived and Today's Selection or best selection (something like that!)
  14. PrincessGina, thanks for answering. But what if the items in the Guide are only a very limited selection of "the best" and there are actually many other items not in the guide which are just as good?
  15. Top Sellers or Best Sellers always gets me to give it a look too.