HELP NEEDED~! Buying LV at Houston

  1. does anyone knows how much VAT deduction for LV bags if bought in Houston? or how much is it lesser than the price stated on LV website? thinking of asking my friend to get me a bag when he goes for business trip next week. thanks.
  2. Hmmm... I didn't know one could get VAT deductions in TX?

    I can tell ya that the tax percentage here in Texas is 8.25%. :yes:
  3. so meaning 8.25% more than the website stated price ?? don't have VAT claim for tourist??
  4. Honeybeez, we don't have VAT in the States. Each state has a different sales tax that is added to the item. It can be anywhere from 5% up based on the state. I don't know what the highest state's sales tax is. The only way to avoid that is to have it shipped to another state, BUT that state must not have one of the stores in that state.
  5. thanks for the reply.
    so i need to add 8.25% on top of the LV website stated price for the overall price?
  6. Yes, if someone walks in and buys the bag. I'm assuming that's Texas' sales tax. In another state, it could be a different amount as each state sets their % sales tax.
  7. what about buying LV at aberdeen? any VAT ??
  8. i think this price is very favourable,but add to sales tax,so don't want to buy.
  9. VAT is only in the PHILIPPINES, we call it here state tax which is 8.25% in TX