HELP NEEDED - Bit of a purchasing dilema!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am popping into LV on Saturday, and am going to purchase a new bag.

    Problem is, there are three that I really love.

    I want to buy a MULTI COLOR SPEEDY, or a PM Neverfull, or a Cabas Mezzo.

    Now, if I get the Cabas Mezzo, I will have enough left to get the PM Neverfull too - I love them both.

    Only problem is, I'm a little in love with the MC Speedy but can only afford that if I get it.

    What do you guys suggest????

    Thanks xxxx
  2. Get the MC speedy...such a beautiful bag!!
  3. wow what to do. Two new bags or just one! I have the MC speedy in black and white and love both of them. But in this case I would go for the two bags.
  4. I would get the bag that you love, MC Speedy.
  5. MC speedy vote. You cant use 2bags at the same time,so get the one you REALLY want.
  6. Cabas and Neverfull are very similar big monogram bags that hold a lot whereas the Multicolor Speedy is a work of art!
  7. :love: Awwww, shucks you guys. Thanks for the help........

    Hmmmmmmmmm, :wacko: still thinking!!!!

  8. I think you will have to see all three bags. When they are in front of you, your decision will probably be crystal clear!
  9. MC speedy! I'll never be able to afford it. TDF!!!!!
  10. I would get the bag you really love now.
  11. mc speedy is the best lv bag in my opinion. i absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think it's harder to save for the more expensive bag - if you have the money I'd definitely get the MC Speedy - especially if that's the bag you love. You can always get smaller stuff later.
  13. another vote for MC speedy, its really something special!
  14. I would go and get the MC speedy. Aside from you LVoeing it so much, I think it's a great bag!!!! Goodluck.
  15. Seems like YOU really want the MC Speedy. Seems like if you have the money now, you should get the Speedy.

    Then save again for the Neverfull or the cabas.