HELP NEEDED before I'm going crazy!!!!

  1. Hi !!

    I've been lusting tivoli pm for quite some time and really drooling over it. However, since it's only meant for handcarry, I'm switching to GM. But again, I'm still contemplate to get the GM cos it looks little bit bulky on me because I'm petit (5'2). I know big bag are cool, but for a short person like me,it'll be too overwhelming...???!

    After further researched, I had fallen in love with Beverly MM, ( and betrayed my love to Tivoli!!), but still I cant decide. The straps of Beverly MM looks more comfy than the rolled strap on Tivoli GM. Size wise, I think it's not as huge as Tivoli GM. Price wise both are almost on the same par.
    But deep inside, I still love Tivoli GM because the looks is so hip and trendy, just worried I cant carry it well because I'm short...
    It is worthwile to get "not-so-popular" Beverly MM compared to "aaahh-everybody-loves" Tivoli GM....????

    This is going to be my first mono bag and I really cant decide, just wondering why Beverly is not as popular as other mono bags???? Or should I wait for Tivoli GM for the next 2/3 months???? Or just get the Beverly MM, and be happily ever after???

    To Beverly MM owners out there, what are the pro and cons of the bag??? Does the vancheta gets dirty easily????

    HELP !!!!Should i opt for tivoli GM or beverly MM???:confused1:
  2. Go with what you like best. Don't worry about what's popular and what's not. I like the Beverly and the Tivoli equally. I do agree that the Tivoli GM might look overwhelming on a small frame. Some can pull it off and some can't.
  3. ~I love the Tivoli because of the pleats:yes: and also a big thing for me-LESS vachetta. Just my opinion, ultimately-you have to get what your heart desires the most;) Good luck!!~
  4. I vote for the Tivoli, it's such a lovely bag!!! Also less vachetta = less maintenance.
    BTW, have you tried/modeled the Tivoli GM and found it overwhelming?
    If not yet, I think you should do that so you can see for yourself because sometimes big bags look adorable on petite frames.

    I'm 5.3 myself and like girlsgottoshop said sometimes I can pull off the look, sometimes not. For example, I got a Speedy 30 the other day because I thought it looked better next to me than the 25...

    Good luck...
  5. I vote for the Tivoli, it is such a soft, feminine bag. I think that a small frame can pull it off, but you need to be comfortable carrying the bag that really is the most important thing.
  6. I'm 5'1" (and a half!) and I have the Tivoli GM! I think it fits great and LOOKS great!
  7. i'd get the tivoli GM, the style is so fresh and looks good on any body type. the tivoli is a very special bag.
  8. I'm a fan of both and could see pros of both bags. Hmm, tough decision. I think I'm going to have lean towards the Tivoli cause of the charmin little pleats. But you should definitely go for what you like. After all, you're the one that's going to have to carry it. But either way you can't go wrong. They are both beautiful bags.
  9. Tivoli!
  10. I think the beverly mm is a great bag, especially if you want a shoulder bag!
  11. i have the tivoli pm, but i probably would have gotten the gm if i could have easily afforded it. I'm 5'3'' and i think it was just right on me. I would go try both bags on and see which one you like best. I love the beverly clutch, but with the mm and gm, they just seem very "formal" like... i'm not sure how to explain it, but to me it looks like a purse that maybe... for lack of a better example, a queen... or an wealthy older generation lady might now. I do love the brass (?) on it!! I think i would be afraid to use it as an everyday bag because I wouldn't want to scratch the buckle on it.
  12. i think the tivoli pm will look better. i am not digging how the tivoli gm gets smushed by your arm and loses its shape when you wear it on your shoulder...

    EDIT: and.. big bags look good with small girls.. but big bags that are SLOUCHY will look better.. tivoli gm is too structured imho
  13. I have and always will like the shape of the Beverly MM over the Tivoli. Go for it!
  14. Thank you everybody!!! I'm still in torn.... this is gonna be a tough decision for me.... Anw, I'll try both models at the store and will let you guys know my final decision!:flowers:
  15. I really love the Tivoli. The Beverly has the large areas of vachetta on the outer bottom edges (the worst stainable places IMO). The zipper on the Tivoli makes it easier to get into when you are rushing than the Beverly lock. Tivoli is chic and new too. I vote Tivoli - without hesitation!