Help needed... Antony or Freya?

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  1. Hello everyone thinking of buying a mulberry satchel and trying to decide between the Antony in regular (small) size or the Freya... Any thoughts? Will need to carry wallet, keys, phone, glasses case and packet of tissues and baby wipes for my children. Many thanks in advance.
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    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
    The large Antony is probably more similar in size to the Freya than the regular, which although a handy bag to have doesn't hold that much. Of the 2 styles I personally prefer the Antony and I like the cross body option it offers. Hope that helps.

    Here's a photo of my regular with the continental purse for comparison
  3. I think you need the larger Antony for your needs. I have an Antony messenger and it's one of my favourites.
  4. I have both sizes of Anthony's and love them. I do however think the Freya is cute too. I'm afraid I'd probably chose the large Anthony cos I'm an oldie fan..
  5. Many thanks for all of your responses... Looks like Antony messenger is a favourite! Just wondered about size though... I am only 5ft 2in on a good day lol! Do you think this would seem too big on my frame?
  6. Also just to make you aware that there have been a few issues reported on here re problems with the leather peeling on the corners of the Freya

    NVT is leather right the way through, it appears that Freya leather is a very thin printed layer on something else
  7. I know it's not on your shortlist, but have you looked at the small Bays satchel? It's a great size, can be carried cross body/ over crook of arm/ hand held...
  8. Oh no! Thanks for the heads up!! Have a mulberry evening bag for 10 years that has held up brilliantly so looking for that level of quality again.
  9. Thanks for suggestion... I loved this bag but when I tried this bag crossbody it seemed too long even on the shortest setting... May need to try again!
  10. I'm only 5"2 and yes you have to have it as short as it will go, but on the bright side, if you get fed up carrying her your man can wear her and look cool too. Sadly I'd avoid the Freya due to th leather peeling issue mentioned above. :graucho:
  11. Another vote for the small Ant on your frame which will be big enough to carry the stuff you listed . The Freya has serious quality issues as the others have said - Mulberry have refunded under pressure .
    What colour are you thinking of ?
  12. I'd also vote for Antony. I'd like to have one too. :smile:
  13. Thanks for this... Think this is the one I probably like most... Keep visualising with a new French purse!! Bought a Louis Vuitton messenger earlier in the year but thinking that the mulberry may be a little more understated and I just love the idea of a fabric strap! I really do not carry a lot and not such a fan of big bags so think that I would regret the larger bag eventually. Which colour would you recommend? Like oak but not sure about it rubbing on jeans?
  14. Thanks for your suggestion!
  15. Oak is THE classic Mulberry :tup: and I'm not aware of any colour transfer issues with it . Can you get to a shop to try both sizes before you decide ?