Help Needed - am going crazy...

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  1. Hi Guys...

    I need help :sos:

    I want to get a Vernis Alma to add to my LV collection, but each time i think i've made my mind up on a colour. I look at more stunning pictures of other colours and cant make up my mind. Right now I think Blue Nuit but then again i think of another - help any advice would be great!!

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. It really depends on what color clothing you mostly wear. I have the Pomme Vernis Alma because I tend to wear a lot of dark colors and need the extra "pop" of color. I think the new Bleu Nuit is a GORGEOUS color and I would make my decision based on this.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!:biggrin:
  3. Put it this way cannot really go wrong with any color :P.

    I got the blue and now wishing for another with a pop of color.
  4. Exactly! you cant go wrong with any colour...i especially love the Pomme!
  5. I love the blue!
  6. I want the Amarante Alma it's a clear winner for me (everyone must be sooo sick of reading that from me)


    I LOVE the Blue Nuit and the Vert Bronze too, oh and the Rose Pop - and of course there's the Miroir ....silver and/or gold, oh and pomme is so sexy........

    The Blue Nuit is such a gorgeous colour (my favourite blue). Could be a second choice for me if I had the funds for 2

    See them IRL - one of them is sure to set your heart on fire.
  7. definitely go for Bleu Nuit!! I think it looks really good
  8. #8 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    I tried the Bleu Nuit and Vert Bronze Alma at a LV store yesterday. I think Bleu Nuit looks really good with casual cloths and jeans. Vert Bronze is more toned down and would look great with black cloths and black coat and it is now on my list :yes:
  9. Bleu Nuit or Pomme would be my choices!
  10. thanks guys - i think i know when i have seen it IRL then walk out the store more unsure...i tend to wear darker colours so am thinking pop might be good but then i keep thinking i should go for the Bleu getting ready bad a making up my mind!!
  11. ^ I got the bleu and wear alot of black...did not regret my choice but wish I had another to make that POP of color...I can relate how difficult it is to make up your mind about which color to go for :P

    Here's a modeling pic of mine I just took...btw I m 5'2 which was another big hurdle for me to cross ---

    I am definitely contemplating for a brighter or lighter color this is all crazy :nuts:...


  12. bag looks stunning on you!! i know that i woud buy the blue and love it but then like you want a pop...and i really should be on a ban!!! its crazy this LV oholic bug!! haha
  13. it seems like you want the bleu nuit really badly..... i say get that. :]
  14. I have the Alma in Amarante! I love it!! It's stunning! I love the Bleu Nuit color too! I'm planning on getting the Melrose in the bleu because I already have several Amarante pieces, but it's really hard for me to resist anything Amarante!

    So, I would either go with the bleu nuit or the amarante!

    GL deciding!
  15. I guess it depends on if you want it to pop and really be showy or if you want it to be more understated (as much as that bag can be haha). If you want a more understated look then get a darker color, bleu nuit is just gorgeous so I'd go with that in a heartbeat, but if you want a statement from your bag maybe you should get pomme or rose pop? Good luck!