Help Needed--agenda question

  1. I would like to purchase a LV agenda or any other qulaity agenda if possible. What are the best agendas in LV line and what size would you suggest? A little background info: this would be used mainly for some CC's, id, everyday use because I need the calendar, and note pad. Thanks in advance.
  2. i have a medium agenda from the Monogram Mat line. i think the medium is the best size; it's easier to write in. a medium agenda from the Epi, Damier or Suhali line would be nice
  3. i only have a blue groom small agenda and it has the most stunning interior colors ive seen they also make red and yellow...
    ps. hermes coach and gucci make agendas also but i find them kind of tacky and nowhere near the quality so LV is best for you...:yes:
  4. I have a Damier Pocket Agenda that is really handy when you want something that doesn't require much room.

    I suggest a Medium Ring Agenda. It's the perfect size and has 6 credit card slots. Like Sandra, my top 3 picks are Damier, Epi, and Suhali. :biggrin:
  5. I have a damier koala agenda and I love it. The quality of it is so obvious, I love to show it to people. It can really hold quite a lot, especially if you buy filofax inserts to hold extra cc.
  6. i have the red epi agenda in medium. i love it. in fact i just got done putting my important dates and addys etc in it. i have the lv refill too but i think you can get one from filofax where it's cheaper. i put in my store cards, had little plastic envelopes for my business cards i keep. it's just beautiful.

    i think the medium size is best- the small seems too small to me.
  7. i think the medium is the best size... it acn easily fits in any bag, and it's big enough to write on too...
    i have mine in panda line, and loved it so much i don't want to buy anymore agenda.
  8. Thanks guys! I still don't know which I am going to choose. I want the medium sized one. I am debating between the Damier or the Mono. I like the groom agandas as well but they are kind of small for me. I also want to put some really fun paper in it like Hello kitty, Snoppy or etc. I am trying to find some online stores that have that kind of paper. Although I am grown I still have a little kid in