Help needed again

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  1. Hi lovely people, Im here aagin desperatley needing all your advise on the following 2 bags. After bf birthday in 1 week mines will follow shortly the week after, and i am planning on getting a new bag, but I am torn between the two. I am not a huge fan of mono but I have 4 peices in that print already the rest is DE Which I adore. But you can see from below why it is so hard to pass up on this mono bag below as it is gorgeous and a limited edition, but I have always wanted the trevi,
    Has anyone purchased any of these bags recently and what are they like to carry?

    Please help with all your great advise,really appreciate it:biggrin:
    Trevi pm.JPG Golden arrow speedy LE.JPG
  2. I bought the golden arrow but returned it I found it to structured and the flap a bit or a nuisance it is a lovely bag but due to the price I wasn't wowed
  3. Trevi!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love both bags.... Probably love the trevi better!! I think there was a thread started by someone saying that they returned the Golden Arrow bag they got..i will try to find it...
  5. trevi
  6. I prefer the Trevi. The Golden Arrow is gorgeous but the buckle is no fun to use.
  7. Trevi :love:
  8. I love the Trevi !! Ebene is always a good choice .
  9. Trevi ;)
  10. Another Trevi vote :smile:
    Good luck deciding.
  11. Trevi, Trevi, Trevi!
  12. Trevi!
  13. Is there a big difference between the pm and gm? Is the GM too large for anyone who has seen it?
  14. The GM is like a luggage piece to me, tried it on in the store:smile:
  15. Would the pm work as an everyday bag? Does it hold alot?