Help needed about Bubble Quilted bag

  1. Hi ..

    I used to be LV girl for 10++ years and thought it's the time to change to something more classic.

    I own one and only Jumbo Chanel classic flap which bought 8 years ago, at that time I thought I should wait until 25 to buy another one. Recently, I discovered many gorgeous Chanel bags (from this forum):tup: and would like to buy another Chanel, but need some suggestions from you all.:p

    The one I'm thinking of is the Bubble Quilted bag. I think it's so cute and girly and stunning bag at the same time which I can picture myself wearing for many many years....:rolleyes:

    My question is .. how many size do they have in this line? I love big bag ...Is the Bowler big enough compare to LV Speedy 30 or sth.? I saw some pics from many of you who have the Bowler, would it be possible to have the dimension of this bag? Are they really hard to get? (I read from eBay stated it's limited, is that true?) How about the colors, what'll you recommended?

    I live in very small town without Chanel store (or may be 4 hours driving from the nearest one), so can I have Saks or NM ship the bag to me? Do I have to pay the taxes since no Chanel store's in my state?

    I'm so sorry for many questions :sweatdrop:. I think I need time to learn about Chanel from you.
  2. I own a Bubble Quilt Bowler in dark beige and if you want to compare it to the Speedy--I would say the Speedy is a bit roomier just because it's more of a structured, open bag (whereas the Bubble is softer, smooshier). The Bubble is difficult to find, as it was one of the hottest selling pieces of the season, but don't let that deter you as there are still some out there! In fact, I saw a dark brown Bubble Bowler at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto (CA) a week ago. Also, the gals are pretty fantastic at posting inventory updates in the Chanel Shopping sub forum, so you might want to check that out as well.

    As far as colors go, I would say it depends on what you wear. The ivory/off white shade has a slight peach undertone and is perfect for lighter neutrals, but doesn't pair so well with darker colors (like black). The dark beige is pretty versatile--I've found it to pair with both lights and darks. The dark brown is very rich shade, which is simply stunning and perfect for this season.

    You can have Neiman's, Saks or Chanel charge send the purse to your home and, as far as I know, you are not charged tax (correct me ladies if I am wrong). You might want to search CHANELboy's thread on the Bubble Quilt--he is a SA at Nordstrom and may be able to help you!
    Hope that helps and welcome to Chanel :p
  3. If you live in a state the NM does not conduct business then you will not be chraged tax. What state do you live in?
  4. Thanks so much, mscupcake. I'm really appreciate. Yesterday, I read all the thread about the BQ, then I found what jeannebar posted that I can order one online (through NM catalog), so I did order it this morning. Luckily, no shipping fee and no sale tax for me...I can't wait to get it.


    xoStephxo, I live in Wisconsin now.
  6. Congratulations! What color did you buy?