Help needed 32 Kelly vs. 35

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  1. I have just about finished with my H collection. I only have two more bags on my wishlist. One is a 32 Kelly in Orange Togo with Gold hardware. I've been waiting for this bag for quite a while now and my SA called me yesterday and they have the exact bag except that it is a 35.

    Here are the Kellys I already have: 28 in Box and a 35 in Togo. Both are black with gold hardware.

    For you ladies with both a 32 and a 35 is there much of a noticeable difference in the size since it is only a 3cm difference. Especially from the outside? I don't carry that much with me but this will be a daytime bag that will be carried when I am with my boys as well as when I work.

    Should I buy the 35 or wait for the 32. I have passed up two Kellys in the past that I'm still kicking myself for not buying.
  2. Darling believe me, you want this bag in 35 me it is the most balanced Kelly size because the anchor points of the handle are more apart thus the pull and strain on the turn lock is less and the bag keeps a much nicer shape. and has a better general look and esthetic, plus you don't get the partition line right down the middle. it is also much easier to wear in general and when on the shoulder strap holds it's shape much more and much better. The color combo is to beautiful and hard to pass on and the general feel of the panels on a retournee 35 cm is just wonderful it seems less fussy than a 32cm much cleaner like you can actually appreciate the detail of the HW area and appreciate the beautiful leather panels each in their own way it's just so much better less cluttered if ever the Kelly lines were cluttered general as Kelly lover 35cm is peeeeerrrffffeecttttt!!!!!!!!!GO FOR IT DARLING!!!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT !!!!!!

    Hope it helps.birkel.
  3. I love the Kelly 35cm, especially in a soft leather in retourne. I have a few and I adore them.

    I do think they look noticeably bigger on me than my 32cm Kellys though. I am 5'4" and thin.

    BUT, I must say that I think that for all around versatility, 32cm is more practical, it can go day to night with ease. Personally I think that the 35cm is too big for the evening.

    I have an orange Togo Kelly 32cm and I love this bag, partly because I can also use it for more informal evening events. It all depends on your lifestyle and your needs for the bag. If it is principally a day bag, then yes, I would consider getting the 35cm.
  4. I completely understand how you must be struggling with this. Here is the bag that you want..the right style, hardware and leather...just one size larger.
    This is how I would think about it.... you don't have a 32cm, yet and I feel that you should wait for the right size. Although you have the 35cm, it is black. An orange bag will look larger because of the bright color. That orange is so beautiful...(I purchased an orange clemence birkin last Spring) and you will probably want to carry it a LOT. The color goes with just about everything and is so fun and cheerful it will make you feel happy. That said, the 32cm is the classic size.....if you are looking for THE classic, iconic orange Kelly, wait for the 32cm. The 35 will look a lot more briefcase-ish....and in my opinion at least...less classic and a lot more trendy in such a large size.
    If you are OK with large and trendy, it might be perfect for you....I would not be happy with the bag, myself.
  5. I don't know that there is so much a difference between a 32 and a 35 Kelly. My two 35s look totally different from each each other. One is togo; the other is a way old vintage box. I would guess that your box Kelly in 35 is a sellier will make itself look larger than a togo in retourne. With the balance and design issues, well that's a personal choice. Everybody thinks they have the answer. You, alone, my dear, can solve the problem. Go to the Boutique and try it on and see for yourself!.
    Good luck and happy hunting!
  6. Sooooooo true especially on the point that says that everybody thinks they have the answer and darling , I think I was a little imposing and almost too defined on my answer but........... It's just that the 35 cm is so pretty, but in truth bbl is right alone darling!!!! .best .birkel.
  7. completely agree with what Bababebi said. :smile:
  8. ive tried both the 32 and 35, and definitely agree that the 32 is more versatile as it can go from day to night pretty seamlessly. there is an obvious size difference between the 2 for me, and for a relatively bright color like orange, i would prefer it in a size 32. that being said, it still depends on your frame and proportions and how the bag looks like on you. Try it on in the boutique and you should have your answer! :biggrin:
  9. I have both sizes. There is a big difference between 32 and 35. I find the 32 to be easier to carry and can go nicely with dresses, etc.
  10. A 32 sellier and a 35 retourne are not that different, in my opinion. A 32 and a 35 retourne are quite different. I would wait for the 32.
  11. My personal preference is 35.
  12. You are exactly right.
    The sellier always looks larger.

  13. BalLVLover, I have been there. I wanted a 32 sellier VL in ebene and after two years it didn't look like it was coming, so I got a 35 retourne chevre in ebene. Big regret. The 35 was huge and looked silly on me. One of the things I really don't like on the retourne Kelly, especially in the bigger sizes, is that the straps are not straight across/don't lie perfectly flat & straight when you close the bag, because the leather is not stiff enough. But I don't like slouchy bags either, that's just my taste. I prefer a structured, ladylike bag and the proportions on the 32 are just more aesthetically pleasing to/on me. I got rid of the 35, and the 32 eventually did come in (took 3 years!!!). I absolutely love it, and it does go from day to night, perfect. By the way, I myself found a huge difference between the 35 retourne and 32 sellier, maybe not next to each other on the counter, but definitely on me.

    If you can get the 35 with no regrets, go for it. If you're trying to convince yourself, wait.

    birkel - what's the partition line down the middle? I haven't seen that on mine.
  14. Thank you so much ladies....I'm going to H tomorrow to take a look at it. I'll compare it to a 32 if they have one and see how I feel about it. I'll let you know the outcome.:smile:
  15. Absolutely the 35, especially if it is for everyday. It is the perfect size for a sporty bag, especially in orange since it is a sporty color.