Help needed - 30cm tick, orange tick, leather ?????

  1. This is kinda of hard and I need help, to help a dear friend decide in ordering her first birkin.

    (a) Colour > she has decided that orange makes her knees go weak. Mind you, potiron is too muted for her. She like to bright and cheery.

    (b) Size > 30cm seems like the size she has decided on. She is tall and I think she can carry a 35cm, but we all know that size comes with weight, and she's very slim, so a 35cm would prove to be a challenge for her to use everyday.

    (c) Leather > now, this is the tricky bit. To ensure that she gets a bright tone of orange, she will need to get the leather right. She knows that clemence is fantastic to bring out the brightness but she is also aware that clemence is a heavier leather. And she does not like too much slouch on her birkin. So, presumably clemence, swift, evergraine are all ruled out, what leather/s would you recommend for my friend?

    Is box calf beautiful in orange? Does anyone have pictures to show? What about orange in chevre de coromandel (I seem to remember orange is rather dull in CDC)?

    Thank you so much. I am sure she'll appreciate reading your responses. She's probably a tad too shy to ask ....
  2. Would Epsom be an option??

    Oh, I forgot: Togo! I have seen orange in Togo and it is very bright and happy!
  3. Thank you, C!

    Epsom is surely an option since it brings out the brightness of orange very very well .... I wonder if she will like the fact that it's embossed leather and is stiff. Stiff has its advantage that it holds the shape well. Hmmmmm .....

    Togo ... I think Togo is fab, C! I think this was also her default choice of orange, but she wanted to assess all the options before deciding ....It does afterall, have less slouch than clemence :graucho:
  4. It has been mentioned on other threads that orange Box is currently not in production. The most common (if one can say that with hermes) seems to be orange Swift at present. I have not seen bright orange Togo or Clemence in a couple of years. I must admit - Orange Clemence is a knockout if it can be found! Here is a pic of Orange Swift:
  5. Isn't there a color called Hermes orange? It's definitely brighter than potiron. I also think togo would be a good option. I think they do have boxcalf in orange. Maybe consider that.
  6. Orange box is out of the question now.

    If she could love takes on orange quite well and keeps its structure.

    Swift is nice and takes color in orange well...but softer...sort of squishy

    Of course togo...
  7. I have an orange togo 32cm Kelly with gold hardware. I think the orange is perfect, Not too dull and not too bright!
  8. Ooooo ... how disappointing that orange box is not in production. Hope it comes back though.

    Thanks, LW. Orange Swift looks absolutely divine :drool: :drool: but it's too slouchy. The picture below belongs to duna. It's her 35cm swift birkin after having her for awhile.

    gracekelly, would it be too much to ask for a photo of your orange togo kelly with gold hw, to show my friend? I think she will be very happy to wake up tomorrow morning to see this thread and all of you helping her in her decision making.
  9. i absolutely love orange.. its definitely one of the most gorgeous colors of hermes!!
  10. orange in epsom with GH will be dynamite! the color just pops and the orange is a tad brighter than togo - plus, it won't slouch and would hold it's shape!
  11. [​IMG]
    :wtf: :wtf:
  12. Oooh.. I would get clemence if she has seem how beauitful the orange in clemence is (very light, the lightest shade of orange IMO)....since shes already deciding on a 30 instead of 35...I think clemence can handle the 30!
  13. I have an agenda in orange chevre - I think it's nice and bright orange!!
  14. clemence does slouch, but not as much as swift i guess!

    i saw an orange swift kelly, it's very bright, not quite that orange, more yellow in real life. pretty.
  15. I love orange in Togo and Swift. I think they only make Potiron in Chevre. Not sure about orange...