Help! Need Your Thoughts & Opinions!

  1. I am deciding whether to keep it or leave it. They have been just sitting in my closet and I don't know what to wear with them!! Thanks for your help!

    1. Lanvin Gladiator Platforms


    2. Pierre Hardy Silver Wedge Sandal

    3. D&G
  2. Keep the silver wedges...they're amazing!
  3. I agree. Like #2. I almost ordered them off of LVR today! I'm not really digging the others, but that's just me.
  4. #2. Fabulous!
  5. ashakes whats LVR?
  6. :nuts: those 3 are the coolest shoes!! i would keep all of them.
    you could use the pictures of the shoes worn by celebrities as inspiration. pair those killer d&g heels with skinnies and you will instantly look smokin hot!
  7. I like the first two but if they do nothing but sit in your closet I would either return them, sell them, or donate them.
  8. haha thanks! When i passed by the window display i stopped and i caught myself staring at them for 5 minutes! a week passed and i was still thinking about them so i had to go back and purchase them. The SA told me that they came straight from the runway and that these were limited so i felt more lucky! so far I havent seen anyone with the same shoes (besides avril, pink, and that model chanel iman)!
    I even have the matching belt[​IMG]
    skinnies sounds good! but what top!?!?
  9. Yea, they've just been sitting in the closet. I like to keep em new and unused. Im weird. I can't return them and I am not thinking about donating them. I'm still deciding whether to sell em or not... As much as I like all of em, I have this feeling that if I do keep em, its going to sit in my closet for a longggg time ...
  10. I like the Lanvins and Pierre Hardy wedges. The spike D&G are not my style.

    Heres some ideas I have for the first 2 shoes:


  11. I like the first two..especially the silver wedges.
  12. Nay on #1 and #3.
  13. brazilian thanks! really love the outfits they put together... wow the silver wedges really won the votes on this one...
  14. well i have been staring at your d&g for an embarassingly long time. i am not that into punk elements, but those heels catched my full attention! must say it again: the coolest shoes! you must keep them.
    go for a simple oversized white t-shirt with a deep v-cut stuck ( is this the right word?) into the skinnes.
    or wear it with a loose chemise. love the belt, but wouldn´t wear them together. just dress casual and laidback, anything flashy would way too tryhard and overdressed. hope this helps
    example: ashley olsen
  15. The wedges are cute. And oddly, I like the D&G ones too, they could make for a really hot outfit.