Help! Need your thoughts about the Nappa Gaufre!

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  1. Hi! I am currently lusting over the Nappa Gaufre line, to be honest, I am not sure what it is called but it's the small satchel with the crossbody strap in black.. (Please educate me what it's called.. I'm quite new with Prada..)

    Anyway, what are your thoughts about the Nappa Gaufres? I am really liking it lately and I know it's an older style but just wanted everybody's two cents about it. Thank you!
  2. One of my top 5 favorite Prada lines.
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  3. Oooh which one are you looking to get, the nylon or leather?
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  4. Thanks! I’m curious what are the other top 4? :biggrin:

    The leather. :biggrin:
  5. Pretty much anything from the following lines: soft calf, daino/deerskin, tessuto, trunk bag collection and to tossing a 6th: the Dragon collection.
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  6. I think if you like it, GO FOR IT! personally, I feel that there is something luxurious about the buttery gathered leather :P and small satchels are so practical! the fact it’s an older model just means that you might be able to get a great deal! :biggrin: show us pics if you go for it!
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  7. Thanks! I finally found one in perfect condotion and I love it! The leather is so soft and buttery but I am also scared of scratching it..
  8. 3219F6BA-EF2B-4A11-A952-801426A70604.jpeg I finally caved in! My 2nd Prada! Nappa Gaufre and I really love it!
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  9. It’s so beautiful! I love it! Congratulations!!! :nuts:
    Gold and black is such a great combo! Try to not fret about scratching the leather... I know it’s hard, but it would be such a pity if it stopped you enjoying using the bag (speaking as someone who hardly uses her favourite bags out of fear!) :-s
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  10. Thank you! ❤️ Yes, it was actually hard to find especially in this small style. I want this style particularly because I don’t think the big one would look good on me. Now I have the Nappa one.. I can’t stop thinking anout the colorful Tessuto Gaufres! I am thinking of a turquoise or purple one this time. Lol..
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  11. D6EA5219-CA27-444D-AEA9-5D0E90CFCEE3.jpeg Here she is! ❤️