help: need your opinions

  1. Hello Tpfers!!! I need your help:crybaby: . I'm so loving a black balenciaga city and would love to buy it. However, I have spent quite a lot on bags in the previous months and should be on a ban. My last purchase being a YSL Vincennes hoho. I have several LV with me also. I pay for my bags in cash and do not want to go into debt. I'm thinking of letting go a bag I have to help me with it.

    MY question: Should I part with my LV damier speedy 30 to help fund the balenciaga????? Your thoughts??? TIA:heart:
  2. Well, black city bags are available every season. If you can't bear to part with your speedy, black cities are always available and you can save up for it. But if you're looking to cross over to the dark side, then drop that speedy now and get the city! :graucho:
  3. ita with murasaki. black and white will always be available so if you can save up then just do that. and if you love your speedy don't get rid of her. sometimes i find it hard to let go of bags.
  4. Come join us on the dark side, mwah ha ha!!
    :pJust joking, as everyone else has said Black is available every season, so maybe be sure you want to let go of your Speedy.
    Otherwise save up and then once you get your first Bbag you will probably sell off all your other bags to get more BBags!!
  5. ITA with murasaki, purse, and tnc, blu... Why not wait it out and decide if you really want to rid yourself of your Damier Speedy?