HELP!!! need your input!!!

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  1. I have a monogram speedy 25 and this is a great bag, now I'm thinking I need a dark brown bag so something in the damier family, was considering a speedy 25, is this silly to get two the same?? other bag suggestions very welcome!!!
  2. If you really like the size go for an other Damier Ebène 25, it's not silly at all, but if sometimes you find your mono 25 too small, then go for a Damier Ebène 30.
  3. No, not silly at all, that is the beauty of LV, you find a style you like and get it in many different designs, leathers, textures and sizes. I love the LV Speedy. It is a wonder bag! :yahoo:
  4. No it's not silly to get the same! However, just to change it up a bit, I'd get the Damier Speedy 30.
  5. thanks everyone, will have to check out the 30 that could be a good way to mix it up a bit!!!
  6. Not silly. Get what you like. Damier is awesome!
  7. no. just get what you want
  8. Go for the damier speedy 30!
  9. Damier is nice or Mini Lin Ebene (at least you'll have both the color similar to Damier and the monogram look).
  10. Gosh, when I love the style, I can't imagine NOT buying it in another pattern!
  11. Second the Ebene Mini Lin - I think it's terribly underestimated. The material is lightweight, but very strong and weather resistant, and because it's linen/cotton, you can fold it up instead of having it stuffed when not being used. Only problem is that it comes in 30, and not 25 at the moment.
  12. I agree with damier 30, I have one and I love it!
  13. Get the damier 30, the 30 is a nice size for when you need to carry around more stuff.
  14. No way!! If you really like the speedy and the Damier then they would make the perfect combo!
  15. How about a Saleya PM? Sort of a similar size, but different style! But if you're set on another Speedy, I'd go with the 30 on this one!