Help!! need your input/opinion


Which Black bag???

  1. Sharpei Quilted Flap

  2. New Envelope Flap

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  1. Are they around the same price?
  2. I dont know, but it does not matter (pricewise), what do you think looks best?, why??
  3. Definitley the Envelope. I am also thinking of getting one. It's kinda like a soft jumbo flap which is light to carry.
  4. The sharpey any sharpey. It's more feminine !Sorry I don't like the envelope at all.Did you try any of them all,because sometimes we don't like something until we see it on us!
  5. i like both but i like the sharpey a bit more
  6. I prefer the envelope but it is a close run thing and I actually love them both - you can't go wrong!
  7. These are both beautiful but very different bags. I love the sharpei but have concluded I would never buy it because it appears to be so fragile. I have a couple of lambskin bags but the leather on those bags is glazed so it is tougher than the very soft leather of the sharpei. I vote for the envelope as a more practical all around bag.
  8. I voted for the's soooo pretty! And the leather just looks so smushy... :love:
  9. i like the envelope more
  10. i like both of these bags but i am leaning more toward the sharpei. i can't resist anything that has ruching or pleating. plus i think the envelope resembles your jumbo flap more than the sharpei. Norma, i am still pining away for that dark silver sharpei that Jill posted from the hawaii store so i think you know where my vote went!!
  11. I like the sharpei. Looks so edgy and fun.
  12. OKAY...this poll is closed!!!
    Got the last one avail. Sharpei Quilted Flap thanks to Jill's SA (Jillian Chanel/Palm Beach Gardens) so I should get it next week:smile:
  13. I voted for the sharpey flap. It is gorgeous.
  14. Congrats !Can't wait for pics when you receive it!:smile: