Help!~ Need your honest opinion

  1. Hi,

    I need your help on deciding to exchange this bag, return it or keep it. It's a new 08 Magenta City. The pictures are attached here. I love the color and big veins of the purse. However, the leather is really dry and kind of cracky...and it came with two very small defects on the back (not very noticable though). I'm wondering if any type of leather care conditioner would fix it? :confused1:

    I ordered this Bbag over the phone from SA NM. And I went to my local NM trying to get it exchanged. But none of the bags has same rich color as mine...they are much smoother though. Now I really don't know what to do. :shrugs: This is my very first Bbag!:crybaby::sweatdrop:

    Please give your opinion here!

    Thank you!~


  2. No pictures..
  3. Sorry - the images don't show up.
  4. Let me check... how come I could see the pictures by myself....
  5. You could use one of the lovin' my bags products. They work incredibly well. I've found that some Bbags, like my Aquarmarine need constant care and attention cause they can get dry. Some people like using Lubraderm but I'm not a big fan. I'd rather use something that's specifically formulated for leather.

    So long as you like the type of leather (wrinkly, crinkly or veiny) and the color, I would keep it if I were you. The exception would be if the defects really bother. Then I'd return it because you paid a lot of money to have something you should be happy with and something that's defect free.

    Hope you find a moisturizer that works for you. A little TLC always does a bag good and I love taking care of my Bbag. It's our bonding time.
  6. Can you gals see the pictures now? I think I fixed it...
  7. Yes, the pictures show up now. If you're having second doubts about the bag, I would just return it. You can probably find one that you'll end up loving...
  8. if you are not loving it then return it. and keep looking for the perfect one. good luck!
  9. wow i love it, i have seen a few in the shops and yours beats them leather wise! follow your heart though, good luck!
  10. I feel this City is a little bit too veiny. But that is me, I like the leather distressed but has not too many veins. I believe the dryness can be fixed by applying leather care products. Your City color is very saturized. Since your local NM doesn't have equally beautiful Magenta City, I'd suggest you keep it and apply Lubraderm to it.
  11. Yup I can see the pictures too. Your pale magenta looks more saturated in color than some of the other pale magentas posted here recently. It's definitely very veiny and distressed. I feel the leather is okay, if you look at the back of the bag there are some areas that look a little puffy. Apparently the leather on the pale magentas as a whole aren't as thick, silky and soft as the Bubblegum 08s. If you like this look, just moisturise it and when it breaks in it should hopefully be smooshier and softer. If you can't live with it, definitely return it and try to get a bag with leather you prefer.
  12. I don't know I personally love the depth of color and I think veins are great and add character but I really can't live with "dry" bags and personally I don't like the LMB moisturelotion it takes the shine away and makes the bag look a bid dull but that's just my experience, if you have to use smth I would try applegard. but it's a hard call, depends on what you can live with, prefer...color, leather etc......
  13. I love it!!:heart:

    I love the veiny/distressed leather!!:drool::drool::drool:
  14. honestly i think this bag got potention.

    try to condition it and i bet it'll looks great :p
    personally i like b bags with veins, when they worn out, they're age more gracefully :smile:
  15. I would exchange it for one with fluffier leather.