Help...need work gift ideas!!!

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  1. I'm stumped for what to get four managers and three supervisors who report to me. Last year I gave them nice picture frames, which seemed to go over well. Three of the managers are women, one is a man. Two of the supervisors are men, one is a woman. I want to get basically the same gift for all of the managers, and the same gift (slightly less $$) for the supervisors. I'm looking to spend $40-50 for the Managers and $30-40 for the supervisors.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Are they into books or diary's? How about items from bath and body? Do they carry business about a holder?
  3. Do you live in a cold climate - if you got these people some very nice gloves they would come in handy and it is a very considerate gift that shows that you care about their well-being.

    EDIT: Oops, I just realized you live in California, which means it isn't too cold (unless you're up North).
  4. I gave the managers really nice diaries a couple of years ago as an "appreciation" gift for their hard work during a really difficult time, and don't think they were very well received.

    One thought I had was those vintage-packaged Scrabble and other games they have at Restoration Hardware...
  5. Great idea, I saw those today. I never thought about purchasing one for a gift and it would be great for my assistant too.
  6. Diaries and notebooks are an odd gift that only work for certain people.

    I went through a weird phase in my life -where everyone I knew thought it was the perfect gift idea to get me a diary. I got FOUR one year. I'm a tech person, so if I need to write anything down I do it in Word, so I didn't get it.

    I absolutely love getting elegant gifts that I am too practical to get for myself. So I would get these people a very nice Fountain Pen (with some accessories like Ink and such so they don't have to put in extra effort to keep them going) or some high-end lotions and soap. Those are safe gifts that pretty much anyone can use.
  7. I thought of a pen but even a nice waterford is over 30. and today everyone I knows purchases a pen like we purchase a purse. Who wants gel, ink, black, blue, thick pen, thin pen...the list goes on and on. Too complicated. What ever happened to a plain ol Bic. My favorite was a mont blanc that my daughter left behind somewhere.
  8. I know that you can only get this for the women, but what about a dangle-it? It's very useful and falls within your price range ... it was featured on purseblog a while ago.
  9. How about those new wireless mouse....mice? I just got one and it's a pleasure without a wire!:biggrin:
  10. Yeah that would be very useful for a PC user. But if they have a laptop, they might not need one (I don't). Check if they're a Mac user first and then make sure your gift is compatible.

    One of those super-small zip drives would also be cool if you're shopping for someone who is really into their computer and is always transferring files from work to home.
  11. What about major dept store gift cards? Let them buy what they want for the holiday. Everyone loves money!! ;)

    Or get them gift cards to a nice restaurant. $30 - $40 gift card makes a nice dinner.
  12. Yes, I received one from them they know I love Nordstrom! Those are great:love:
  13. I had one idea this morning...we have an "O & Co" store nearby (they sell gourmet olive oils, cheeses, etc.) I was thinking of putting together some baskets from there. I'll check it out and see what they have.
  14. How did you make out? Stores here were crazy.
  15. Thanks, everyone for your suggestions. I ended up getting them gift bags from O & Co. for each person with a couple of tapenades, some gourmet flatbread and flavored olive oil. I think it will be something they can enjoy and share with spouses/signifigant others.

    The stores weren't too bad, but I go right when everything opens, get what I need and get out. I hate crowds!