help! need white shoes

  1. hi all :smile:

    i need your guys help in finding white sandals

    im looking for something with a high heel and versatile enough that can be worn dressed up with summery dresses or to work. i have a pair of the cutest white sandals but ive worn them into the ground to the point where they cant even be repaired :shrugs:

    any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  2. I have a pair of white manolo strappy heels that i got a few seasons ago. I would definately try manolo.
  3. good idea!!
  4. i think aldo has some cute white shoes
  5. I just bought some really cute Prada white patent peep toes from Saks. I also some some cute Miu Miu ones on Bluefly that were cheaper and similar
  6. Go to Zappos and type in white sandals and several hundred will pop up.