Help need to return

  1. My husband bought the Princy brown guccissima leather hobo at the beginning of Feb. at Gucci. (I Love It)

    My problem is for my birthday my mother also bought me the exact same one. I can't tell her I already have one. She would get REALLY hurt. So I can't ask her for the receipt. Also since she sent it from the East Coast UPS Ground it also was most likly bought over 10 days ago also.

    The problem is the one I bought was longer then 10 days (25 days ago) so I can't take mine back to Gucci for a refund.

    Any suggestions since I really don't want 2 of the same bags.

    I don't want to try to sell it on eBay since I don't think I will close to what my husband paid for it.
  2. go to the gucci store, say you want to EXCHANGE it....thats what i did. (my purse was bought about 4 months ago!)

    they were actually really nice about it...if your husbance bought it from the gucci store, be evil...take the unused gucci and say it is the one your husband bought you but you want a bigger/smaller a wallet instead. or even a different color

    Gucci SAs just want to make you happy so you keep coming back to them...they will, without a it for you!

    GOOD LUCK!!! :smile:
  3. Great Idea!
  4. Thanks.. I called my local store and spoke to a manager and she said I can exchange it for something of equal or greater value. Which I am fine with. Of course I would rather have my money back but I will take the exchange. The only problem is there is nothing else I REALLY want right now. I would rather wait for the next sale and see what they have then. I asked her about just getting a store credit to use in the future. She did not really seem open to the store credit idea. She made it seem like it had to be an even exchange right then and there. The problem is everything I like is so similar to styles I already have. I curently have a pink abbey, a 'new britt' medium hobo beige/ebony GG fabric, another beige tote and now I have 2 'princy' large hobo in chocolate guccissima leather.

    I wouldn't mind getting a wallet but I REALLY don't like wallets that don't have ID slot. I hate pulling my ID out of my wallet every time someone wants to see it. All the wallets I really like don't have that and the few that do I am not crazy about.

    I know poor me. But I really don't want to exchange it for something I don't love just to get something.
  5. shes lying!!!! Because in order to "return" aka exchange something they have to put the amt of the purse on a gift card, and then they use that money to "pay" for your new bassicaly she can just give you that gift card to use at another time

    Youre right, she doesnt LIKE doing that, but she will!!!

    SOOO HAVE NO can still do it (or u can give the bag to me, i dont mind ;) haha)
  6. OR you can buy some jewerly...i LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE their braclets!!! wohooo braclets!!!!!

    and their brother gave me the starbrust rose gold with pink saphires...and ive been wearing them every single day...LOVEEE THEM! i kinda like the white gold with diamonds better, but my sister in law has them :sad:
  7. Yeah, I definitely agree that you can get credit for future use. Most likely she wanted a quick sale so she could get commission, how sneaky!
  8. Thanks everyone. I will be a little pushier if I have to. I won't have time to go into the store this weekend but I will for sure next weekend. Worst casee I will just drive to another Gucci that is an hours drive instead of a 5 minute drive.
  9. love that bag, can you post pics, I might buy it for what you paid.
  10. I say dont waste your precious time, just go to the place right near you!!!! :smile: seriously, u shouldnt be scared to return/exchange a bag! I know this sounds weird because a few posts ago i was having the same dilemma, but then i realized...we pay these prices for a reason, not just to have BEAUTIFUL bags, but so we get BEAUTIFUL customer service!

    You have the bag, now make use of the service!

  11. UPDATE:

    Well, I went last night to the Beverly Hills Gucci to return my bag. They refused to give me a "store credit" I spoke to the manager who remembered talking to me on the phone. She said I should just hold onto the bag until I am ready to exchange it for something else. After a few minutes of trying to convince her to give me a "store credit" the best she would offer is that they "hold" my bag for me and when I was ready to exchange it I could. And that they would give me an "IOU". I did that since I really did not have much of any other choices. I then asked if I found something over at the Gucci jewelry store across the street if I could get something there. She said no it can only be used for bags/wallets or something in that store.

    After I find something to exchange it for I think I am done with shopping in the Gucci stores.

    Now I am trying to decided what I should do. I really LOVE the Princy Guccissima leather hobo that I had 2 of. So what I am thinking is.... Either getting a white one just like the brown one I just took back. Or exchanging for the Wave canvas and a wallet. I really love my wallet that I am using right now so I don't know if I really want to change wallets. And I already have 3 brown canvas Gucci's. Or just letting them "hold" my bag until the next sale and see what they have then. But I thinking I am leaning towards just getting it in the white and being done with it. Any suggestions welcome...
  12. I will ask them to hold the bag until next sales, you get more bang for your buck. You don't really love the white Guccissima right?
  13. What I should probably do is let them "hold" my bag until the next sale and if there is nothing I like better then get the Princy White Guccissima leather hobo.
  14. I personally think you should hold it and wait...also get a different style! Add diversity, maybe color, to your collection! Just a thought :smile: Im glad she gave you the IOU but im bummed that you couldnt use it at the gucci jewelry, thats just stupid! I think the store in az is a little (ok a lot --bags, clothes and jewelry in ONE store) smaller so i had the option of just picking anything i wanted.

    Good luck!