HELP- need to make this work friendly

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  1. ok heres.. the deal.. i have NO fashion sense.. haha.. anyways our offices have an annual prize giving gala in monte carlo.. we go in a week..

    Anywayz, we get a small allowance ot buy a dress, so i thought i will get the prizegiving dress and my new yrs dress in 1.. to save money...

    so i bought this dress from bcbg ( the one for those that you read it- i was looking for a stock pic)

    anyway, now i sorta thought more about new yrs then the gala, so i now need to make the dress office frendly- bascially tone downthe bust area, waht shoes do i wear with it.. what jewellery etc...

    let me know your thoughts. ive attached a pic here with a black shawl, but as you can see.. it doesnt look too great...

    any help is much appreciated.


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  2. That's a beautiful dress, but I don't know how easily you could make it office appropriate. You could try thick tights and knee high boots with a chunky sweater on top, but the silhouette still might not be right. Don't be afraid to play around with it. Look at Lucky Magazine for inspiration, they always mix things up to tone down dressy clothes. Hope that helps.
  3. I don´t think you can make it work friendly, it is such a flowy, flirty dress. I´m so glad we don´t have any kind of dresscode here!

  4. it's a gorgeous dress but i can't think of anything to do to make it work friendly. :shrugs:
  5. If I am understanding correctly, you need this dress for a prize giving away that your company hosts...not to actually wear to the office, right?? If so, you could wear flat gold or bronze sandals, and maybe a cropped cream linen blazer with it, hair in a french twist or low, loose ponytail and understated gold jewelry. OR...I would just wear this one for New Year's and wear something else for the company event.
  6. hi guys.. yup its for the prize giginv not to wear in the office ( haha imagine) i meant to cover it up a bit.. like with the sahwl but not the shawl cuz it looks a bit wrong...

    maybe diff lolro shawl.. thans for liking the dres.. i LOVE IT
  7. agreed!
  8. Maybe a cropped cardigan? Something similar to this from shopbop

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  9. u guys your advice is sooo helpful thank you!!

    as for the cropped cardigan its a great idea.. i need to be caerufl as i need to still look formal its black tie so flats are out of the question
  10. If it's black tie...I don't think you have any worries!!! Get a cream pashmina or something with some gold thread woven in, and you will be fine! But I don't think you even need to keep that on all night....
  11. Eek... I know this is not what you want to hear, but that dress is not appropriate for a black tie event, IMO (aside from not being very work-friendly.) I'd choose a different dress.
  12. remember how victoria beckham wore a vest under her miu miu dress when she was with david in venice? you can do (almost) the same by wearing a white v-neck vest under the dress, and then wear a large cumberband that cinges the waist.
    another way to totally change the dress is to wear the dress with a shirt. simply wear a great-cut shirt over the dress. wear it with a great black patent belt (fendi b. belt looks great) and wear with super high peep toe pumps. the final look is like wearing a skirt with the shirt. the belt adds glamour and emphasises the bust and waist.

    hope all this goes well.
  13. I would check pictures of the giving gala event in Monte Carlo to make sure if its formal or more casual. Your dress is beautiful but more appropriate for a more casual event given the flow of the skirt and length. If it's a black tie event you would need a long evening gown. With the assymetrical hemline it's somewhat hard to make it office friendly, but a cropped swing jacket might help.
  14. I agree. It is a pretty dress, but not black-tie appropriate. A full-length dress is often best, though a simple and sophisticated shorter style can sometimes work, too. Your best bet might be to find out what others are wearing or what others have worn in the past. You don't want to get there and feel out of place.
  15. i had a look at last yrs pics.. and we arent allowed to wear long as we are essentially working and need to run around etc.. everyone wore black.. and lil lil dresses.. 2 other girls got bcbg dresses.. one of them a bubble type dress with a white top...

    the other a skin tight ruffle dres. they were with me when i picked it.. i jsut wanted soething other than a shawl to cover me..

    a shirt may make it look tooo casusual