Help! Need to make decision by end of day!!

  1. Everyone chime in please!

    I have a small WHITE diamond stitch tote waiting for me at NM's........but I have been searching for a NAVY baby cabas......I so wish that I could have both, but I cannot and need to make a decision about the diamond stitch bag today!

    Which one? They are so only concern about the WHITE bag is the it white too? If so, isn't going to get all messed up??? I don't want to have "handbag" regrets!
  2. I love them both but I think I would go with the white diamond stitch...hope this helps :smile:
  3. If you want a Navy baby cabas, get that. Don't just get that diamond stitch to appease your purse needs. The Cabas will be sooo much better once you get it compared to what you think will make you forget about it.
  4. That's a tough one, but get the navy cabas since you've been searching for it.
  5. Cabas, the small DS is weird under my arm :p
  6. Cabas...its roomier.
  7. Navy Cabas is so nice!
  8. My vote is for the navy baby cabas. I love the cabas in navy.

    The DS ligne just came back in stores so quite a few are out there. The Chanel boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas had 3 white small DS. I saw them on Saturday. I also saw some at the Chanel boutique at the Belagio and South Coast Plaza mall recently too.
  9. Navy cabas hands down.
  10. Cabas... you'll get so much more use out of it!
  11. TOTALLY agree! :yes:
  12. Navy baby cabas !
  13. Be persistent, never settle for another! I'm positive you'll still be thinking of the navy cabas once you're carrying your DS. Why not spend more effort and the $$ on the navy?
  14. I'm not sure how to advise you but here goes.

    If you really want and need a white bag then go for the DS.

    If this is a bag you will use more for everyday then Navy Cabas all the way.

    The white bag would be just an accent bag for me so I would probably go with the Cabas to get the most use out it.
  15. Cabas! love the color navy